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 NEWS! (Reversed Version History)

  Selector 9.3 (2004-04-03)
   Added Extras for OS3.9! The ultimate toolsdeamon replacement. When
   marking an icon on the Workbench, instead of just clicking, hold
   the button down for half a second, then release and a menu will appear
   with choices of what to do with the selected file.
   Selector no longer works on OS2.x. -> OS3.0+ is required.
   New option when starting Selector: -ns (Selector -ns script.sel argument)
   -ns Means "No Settings", that no settings will be loaded. Not the
   default nor any settings specified by the Settings command.
   This speeds things up quite a lot if you have some stuff in your
   default settings. It's faster than using the "Settings Off" command
   because that actually loads the settings into memory first and then
   unloads them again.

   Bugfix: Patterns was not shown in OS3.0.
   Bugfix: The Settings command turned the arguments ([arg1] etc) off.
   Bugfix: "Popup still" did not work perfectly.
   "Popup still" combined with any button combination now means you have
   to hold down the button(s) in question for the time specified.
   New bonus tool: Delay

  Selector 9.2 (040227)
   This is not just a bugfix version. It took about 14 days of hard work
   to finish it. (Just this version). To show your appreciation, buy a CD
   from me at http://listen.to/boray
   Bugfix: Patterns was not always outputted correctly.
   Another bug fixed regarding colors.
   Bugfix for percent coordinates.
   Selector now works on screens with non standard window border sizes.
   All coordinates for draw, setpen, area etc. can now be set in pixles.
   For example: Draw filledbox pix 0 0 70 -0. (Filles the area (X:0,Y:0)
   to (X:70, Y:maximum)). Because if you use the - sign in connection to a
   number, then it's calculated from the window size instead. So if the
   window size is 600 and you say -50, then what you get is 550. So for
   example Draw filledbox pix 0 0 -0 -0 fills the whole window.
   The built in draw tool can now also handle these new pixle coordinates,
   and does so in a smart way. If you for example draw something in right
   bottom corner, then negative numbers are used. Some bugs in the draw
   tool was also fixed.
   Windowsize can now also be set in pixles (Windowsize pix x y), and also
   added to while still using the automation: (Windowsize pixadd x y).
   New change to the ShowPatterns command. "ShowPatterns MagicWB DM.1" now
   means that patterns will be displayed on all screens that have a palette
   that resembles the MagicWB color setup, AND on the screen "DM.1" even if
   it doesn't resemble the magicWB palette.
   ShowPatterns MagicWB now also checks the first 4 colors separately for
   4-color patterns. So for 4-color patterns, it's now enough that the first
   4 colors resembles MagicWB (or the standard WB2+ color palette).

   Bugfixes and changes to the installing script.

   Newly compiled versions of most of the bonus tools, now using a
   shared library. This reduces both size (up to 10 times) and loading
   Two versions of Selector included. One stand alone version (117kb) and
   one making use of the shared library (only 82kb).

   New version of the bonus tool "Change" (V1.1). Can now change more
   than one thing before saving. You can also specify an ascii string of
   more than one character.
   New version of the bonus tool "GetVer" (V1.1). By using the new option
   "mult", the version number is multiplied by 10. Sounds silly, but the
   AmigaDos command IF can NOT compare for example 1.2 to 1.3 and in the
   same time compare 10.0 to 9.0, so multiplying them by 10 does the trick.
   "noline" is another new option.
   New bonus tool: TextWrap. To format text files.
   New bonus tool: TimeIt. To measure how long a program takes to run.

   New bonus tool/demo "CheckMate". A virus checker with a simple
   Selector GUI. Included to show how a simple Selector GUI can look.
   (But it's also a very nice virus checker!)
   New demo script "TheLooks" that shows how much a button panel can
   change just by changing the settings. Uses many of the new features.

   New demo script making a slideshow of all the patterns and showing
   a progress bar.

   A whole bunch of new pattern images. Many with discrete colors, perfect
   for backgrounds. Now named in a sensible way. Some old patterns was also
   The psx bonus tool was removed.
   Copyrights changed.

  Selector 9.1 (040202) (executable 020310)
   A new version after 5 years of bug free operation. This is just
   a minor update.
   I noticed that the ShowPatterns MagicWB option not always
   detected MagicWB palettes correctly. (The patterns was shown on my
   Ibrowse screen, and it looked quite ugly.) So I made the detection
   a bit more accurate.  I also added the option to use BOTH the
   MagicWB option and a screen list at the same time. For example:
   ShowPatterns MagicWB NOT Ibrowse 
   That wasn't really necessary for my particular problem now when I made
   the palette detector more accurate, but I put this in to prevent similar
   problems from occuring in the future.
   I also updated my hompage address: http://listen.to/boray
   Some small changes/bug fixes to the "Browser 2" demo script,
   the installer and the prefs editor. 

  Selector 9.0 (990218)

   This version of selector has in principle been ready since October 1998.
   The only thing that not was ready was this version history and some
   new icons. I have been occupied with other projects. For example
   my music CD:
   "Boray plays some tuba" -  http://listen.to/boray
   Be sure to get a copy! A friend of mine has listened to it every
   day in three month without getting tired of it! So it's well
   worth the money.
   BorayLetter 6.0 (Multimedia emails - yet tiny files):
   A funny - easy to use program to make illustrative letters with
   graphics, music, sound effects, speech. Nice YAM integration!
   Other mailers can also be used (after some scriptwriting :-)

   I have also attended an university course. Enough with
   explaining of the late release! Now on to the selecor news:
  -New command draw. Let's you draw lines, boxes and other figures
   in a selector window. The idea and the way it works comes
   directly from BorayLetter! But the coordinates are better that
   BorayLetter's as selector's coordinates are button/window
   relative and scalable. You can also press d to get to a drawing tool!
   No need for commands. You probably like command (as you are
   using selector) but it's much easier with the drawing tool.
   The drawing tool is adding draw commands to the script for you.

  -New command drawcol. Sets the color for the draw command.
  -New commands sortbuttons and sorttext to sort the contents of a window.
  -New command main to decide what file to load when pressing e.
  -New command windowsize to override the window size automation.
  -New command changesize to be able to use different sized buttons
   in the same window.
  -New command setpen to be able to freely position the buttons and text.
  -New command area to be able to execute command depending on where you
   click in the window (withot buttons).
  -New options LastX, LastY, LastXPos, LastYPos
  -The flow command can now be used more than once in the same script.
  -You can press x to launch a user defined command.
  -New install tool and some new bonus tools.

  Selector 8.0 (981001)
  -The colors are now virtual and looks the same on any screen!
   In the previous versions of selector, color number 0 was the SCREENS
   color number 0 and so on. This caused a lot of problems for popup
   panels and windows that was opened on different screens. For example:
   I had a button panel, poping up on any screen when pressing my
   middle mouse button. This worked nice! But on some screens (for example
   painting programs), there was no way of knowing what button to press, as
   you couldn't read the text on them. The screens palette simply didn't
   match the workbench palette at all (the palette my panel was made
   for). To overcome this problem, I have now made the colors virtually
   mapped so that they will look about the same on any screen
   (except for HAM screens). The first 8 colors are always the MagicWB
   colors (if not changed with the virtual palette command). For example,
   color number 0 will always be gray regardless of the screen the
   window is opened on. The screen must of course have a color that
   resembles the color 0 described in the virtual palette. You can now
   only use color numbers 0 to 15, but don't worry.... look below!

  -Instead of a color number, you can now use a 3-digit hexadecimal number,
   where the first digit is the amout of red, second green and last blue.
   The color of the screen that most resembles the color you describe is
   choosen. You can also use any of the 22 built in values, for example:

     Background blue
     TextCol Beige Dark_gray
     text "Hello there!"

  -The OpenScreen command was removed. Use the bonus tool psx instead!
  -The palette command now sets the virtual color palette. The screens
   real palette is not changed at all. Palette now uses hexadecimal
   values (as the color command).
  -Colors are now totally screen independent. But patterns are NOT!
   They are still VERY screen dependent. But as a compensation to this,
   I have put in a new option to ShowPatterns: MagicWB
   When using this, the patterns will only show on screens with a palette
   that resembles the MagicWB color palette (The first 8 colors).

  -Bugfix: The default light color was not always the brightest one.
   (This was what got me into making this version in the first place)
  -Bugfix: The buttons of the error message window looked strange sometimes.
  -You can now press "U" instead of "L" to load and update the window.

  -With the new settings command you can use another file
   than ENV:selector.settings as the settings file. You can also turn the
   settings off!
  -ENV:selector.defaultfont is not supported any longer.
  -CheckOptions is now by default ON! But old scripts (when not using
   exec or run options) does not give option errors anyway! This because
   CheckOptions now can tell options and dos commands apart.
  -The prefs script was extended with a color requester
   for hex values, a showpatterns MagicWB choice and the possibility to
   jump between screens to see how the settings looks on different screens.

  -New guide section: Writing for compability

  -Two new demo scripts. "The File Browsers"

  -This version is not completely backward compatible, (that's why it is
   called version 8.0 instead of 7.4). The main backward compability problem
   is if you have opened a screen with selector before. This is not
   possible now. But I've really never used it, so...
   There can also be some problems with the option checks as they now are
   turned on by default. CheckOptions can now tell options and dos commands
   apart in most cases. But it has happened to me once that it couldn't. The
   following button gave me the error message "Unknown option hip".
       button Module hip exit

   So I had to change it to:
       button Module run hip exit
   Other backward compability problems can appear with the new virtual colors.
   If you have been using color numbers above 15, then you have to change this!
   Another problem is that some colors won't look the same in some screens.
   For example I have a 4-color screen, where color number 3 now is displayed
   in gray instead of the green it used to be. But this was simple to correct.
   I just put a "palette 3 green" first in the script! Fixed! These small
   problems are no problems at all when you think of the great benefits of
   virtual colors!

  Selector 7.3 (980723)
  -Selector is now FREEWARE!!! Take a look at the copyrights!
  -New color commands: ButtonCol, TextCol and TempCol.
  -You can now press just e instead of ctrl-e to edit the windows script.
  -You can now press just l instead of ctrl-l to load and update the script.

  -You can now press A to add a button to the window's script.
   But you must have C:Requestfile (AmigaDos 3.0+) for it to work.

  -You can press Help to show selectors version.
  -You can now hold down your right mouse button to get to a menu
   that contains the same things as the command keys!

  -No limitation of how many lines a script can have any longer.

  -Bugfix: Selector didn't unlock pubscreens sometimes.
  -Bugfix: Patterns still looked strange sometimes.

  -Bugfix: Removed an old debug outprint.
  -Bugfix in the option check.
  -Bugfix in the load option
  -The bonus tool PsRun is back.

  -New bonus tools: GetLine, ChangeLine, ChopWord, ChopLine, Enclose and Filename.
  -New prefs program (script), to edit selectors default settings. This is
   done using the new bonus tools!

  Selector 7.2 (980516)
  -Bugfix: 4-color patterns looked strange if you had a 8-color background.
  -New command ShowPatterns, to define what
   screens the patterns will be displayed in.
  -Bugfix in the guide's main menu.

  Selector 7.1 (980313)
  -Now possible to unload patterns that was loaded in the settings file, by
   setting a pattern to "*none*". Example: pattern 3 *none*
  -Patterns that have more bitplanes than the screen that the window is
   opened on, is no longer shown at all. This because magicWB-patterns
   often look dreadful on a 4-color screen.
  -The error message window has now two buttons: "Edit" and "Cancel". If
   you press "Edit", the script file causing the error will be loaded
   into your favourite text editor. The env variable SelectorEditor
   specifies this editor.
  -You can now press "Ctrl-E" to edit the script for the active window.
  -You can press "Ctrl-L" to reload the script and update the window.
  -Selector is a bit faster, specially if it's a large script that
   don't have to be updated.

  -Scripts can now be 365 lines long (260 before). Selector needs 30K
   more memory for this. If you have a problem with this, please let
   me know.
  -New bonus tool: SelectorScreens, that simply makes
   a selector script for choosing the different pubscreens.

  -Bugfix: Selector didn't work with executehack.

  -Bugfix: The opening of files or env variables sometimes made selector to
   error. This if another program was writing to the file in question at the
   same time. Now, selector waits and tries again.
  -Bugfix: The Popup command with the "First" option, opened the window
   even if the current screen wasn't the specified one.
  -Bugfix: Most of the 4-color patterns in the patterns drawer was in
   fact 8-colors patterns with one bitplane unused.
  -New popup script that awaits a screen
  Selector 7.0 (980203)

  -With the new pattern command, you can use IFF brushes as background
  images for buttons and text etc. A bunch of patterns is included.
  -New command: KeepImages, related with the loading of pattern images.
  -The Buttons have a new better 3-D look.

  -The Popup options for the mouse buttons (RMB, LMB, and MMB) does no longer
   require lowlevel.library (AmigaOS 3.1). If you have it, then it will be
   used. If you don't, then the button states will be read directly from the
   hardware. This means that Selector now works fully under AmigaDos2.0+.

  -New command: Columns, as a complement to the Rows command.
  -New command: Flow, concerned with in what order the items are placed
   in the window.
  -New option: Exec to replace the old way of starting AmigaDos commands,
   and allow syntax checks on the options. But don't worry, your old scripts
   will work anyway.

  -New command: CheckOptions, that turns the options syntax checks ON and OFF
  -New option: Run, to replace "run >nil:"
  -New option: ScreenRun, to replace the external bonus tool "psrun".
   (psrun is no longer included)
  -New options: Setenv and Unsetenv, to use instead of the AmigaDos
   commands with the same names.
  -The error messages now gives the right line numbers and filenames, even
   when you are using includes.

  -The Color command was extended with the * option. It can now also
   be spelled "Colour". The same goes for darkcolor and lightcolor that now
   can be spelled darkcolour and lightcolour.
  -Bugfix: The Color command had no effect if it wasn't spelled with only low
   case characters.
  -Bugfix: The commands didn't get their default values if they were followed
   by a comment...
  -The ClosePopup option is now changed to "PopupClose", to get a better name
   connection to the OnPopupClose command. But "ClosePopup" is still
   available for full compability with old scripts.

  -The guide was reworked some, and a new shortway to your panel was added.

  -New bonus tool: MagicColors, by Volker Rudolph.

  -The copyrights are changed (again). Please read them through!

  Selector 6.0 (971211)

  -The screen command was splitted into Screen and OpenScreen. Screen is
   used to open the window on an allready open screen. OpenScreen is used to
   open your own screen.
  -The screen command is no longer restricted to public screens. Selectors
   window can now be opened on any screen. The screen option "default" no
   longer means that the window should be opened on the default pubscreen.
   It means that the window will be opened on the active screen, (the
   screen at front), pubscreen or not.
  -With the new screen option Jump, the window will jump from screen to
   screen when you switch screens.

  -With the new command Popup, the window waits to open until a set
   of specified criterias is satisfied. You can for example get the window
   to pop up every time you move the mouse to the bottom of the screen,
   or when you press both mouse buttons.
  -New button/onchange/onexit options Popup and ClosePopup
  -New event commands: OnPopup and OnPopupClose
  -New command: MarkButton to mark the button under the
   mouse pointer.
  -You can now have a script called "env:selector.settings" that
   contains your default settings.
  -With the new command Include, you can include a selector
   script file into another script file.
  -The Font command was extended with the OrDefault option.
  -BugFix: You can now use multicolor fonts.
  -BugFix: The window wasn't updated correctly when using the frommax
   option to the X/Y commands.
  -Bugfix: All events was stopped at midnight.
  -The button/onchange/onexit option Update no longer reloads the script.
   It only updates variables, window etc. The new option "LoadUpdate" acts
   in the same way the old "update" did.
  -New Command: VarCheckTime [time]. Sets the time between every
   variable check performed by the OnChange command. Default is 2 seconds.
  -The default values for darkcolor and lightcolor are now calculated from
   the screens palette.
  -The default forground color is now 1, instead of dark

  -The window is no longer updated if it doesn't have to. (If the contents of
   the window will remain the same after the update).
  -The variables can now be nested!
  -New local constants: PID and VER

  -Non existing variables are now replaced with nothing ("") instead of the
   name of the variable. This is also the case with unstated arguments. This
   makes command lines like: defenv opa1 "" or defarg arg1 "" completely
  -Most commands can now be stated with no arguments without unwanted
   drawbacks. If you for example have the script:
      color [textcolor]
      text "Hello"
   If now the variable 'textcolor' doesn't exist, then there is no change
   in color at all. In previous versions, the color would have been set
   to 0, and the "Hello" would not appear (since the default background
   also is 0).
  -The copyrights are changed (again). Please read them through!

  Selector 5.5 (970609)

  -Bugfix: The X and Y option atPointer did not work if you let selector
   open its own screen.
  -Selector can now work with ExecuteHack (by Norbert Püschel). ExecuteHack
   is also included as a bonus tool. This means that you can protect a
   selector script +S and then run it as a executable program.

  Selector 5.4 (970529)
  -Added new options to the X and Y commands that makes it possible to
   open the window where the mouse pointer is. Useful for popup menues etc.
  -Changed the noborder command to Border ON/OFF. This to make the
   commands more similar to each other. For example: Close ON/OFF, Title OFF
   etc. But the NOBORDER command is still available for compability reasons.
  -Reworked the command reference part of the documentation.

  Selector 5.3 (970521)
  -Bugfix: The error handling routine introduced in the last version
   calls the routine that handles string enclosing (with " ' @ etc.)
   So, if there was an error enclosing a string, these two routines
   keept on calling eachother until the stack was overflowed.
  -New version of the SelectorFont program. It can now remember what
   font you last selected, so that it won't start with topaz 8 all the
   time. Please note that the shell options not are the same.
   Try "SelectorFont ?" for more specific information.
  -New bonus tools: 
       SelectorText: Converts (and optionally reformats) a text file to
                     a selector script file.
              WBRun: Starts a program like it was started from workbench.

  Selector 5.2 (970422)
  -Bugfix: Selector did not work with FastIPrefs or ToolManager.
   Thanks to Stefan Nilsson for the bug report!
  -The error handling was extended so that longer error messages
   now can be displayed without problems.
  -Bug fixed in the version command.

  Selector 5.1 (970407)
  -I discovered that I needed to use both "-signs and '-signs in strings,
   so I extended the string enclosing signs from ( " and ' ) to
   ( "  '  @  #  £  ^  and  & ). So now you can write for example:
   text ^Isn't this "cool"?^ for the text: Isn't this "cool"?  
   Or a little more concrete example:
       screen DM
       button Tempdir  @rx "address DM newdir 'dh2:temp/*'"@
       button ^Mark lha^  &rx "address DM select '*.lha'"&
   It wasn't possible to use fonts larger than about 40.
   The window became to big when using noborder.

  Selector 5.0 (970319)
   -Bug on graphics cards and super hires fixed.
   -Fonts support. New command: Font
   -New support program: SelectorFont, to set the default font for
    selector, or request a font in your scripts. This program
    needs asl.library.
   -Now possible to open the window on any public screen 
    using the extended SCREEN command.
   -The X and Y commands were extended.  
   -New command: OnExit
   -New button/onchange/onexit options: Quit, DumpX, DumpY
   -The button/onchange/onexit option "Update" will now ignore the X and
    Y commands. If you want selector to behave as before: Use Load [this]
    instead of update.
   -AmigaDos1.3 no longer supported. At least AmigaDos2.0 is needed.
    Some of the included examples need AmigaOS3.
   -Added Bonus Tools
   -The copyrights is changed.

          Greetings to Henrik Thurén, "KnC" McWhirter, Jörn Hansson
            and Stefan Nilsson! Thanks for your help and support!

    Name Conflict:
    I have now (970309) found out that there is another "Selector" out there...
    "Program Selector V3.0" by Nico François 1991, and a compatible replacement
    for "Program Selector" called "Chooser V1.0" by Simon Dick 1995. There is
    (in my oppinion) no meaning in using these instead of my "Selector" (Sorry
    guys...). What you can do with these two programs is basically only what
    you can do with the Button and Text commands in my Selector.

 Selector 4.30 (960804)
   The documentations for version 4.2 and 4.3 was lost in my second
   HardDisk death. I have now (970101) updated this amigaguide document
   with all the changes (from 4.14 to 4.30) that I have found.
   -New commands: OnChange, NoBorder, Version, Screen and palette.
   -The color and background commands were extended.
   -The update of the window is made much faster if the window
    parameters not are changed (Size, title etc.).
   -Some more examples and a new 'All Examples' script
    were added to this document.

 Selector 4.14 (960529)

    Selector did enter an infinite loop when there was a text
    string or button name that was wider than the screen.

    It wasn't possible to exit by pressing escape when there was
    no buttons in the panel.

    Now possible to use arg0, arga, argb, argc etc. as env variables.

   -Possible to pass arguments with the button...load command

   -The DefArg command was introduced.

   -Unstated arguments that not have a default value (given with defarg)
    will now contain the name of the argument rather than nothing. This
    was made so that all variables (env, arguments and [this]) will
    work in the same way.

   -Env variables and arguments can now contain nothing ("").

   -Selector builds the panels on the screen faster.

   -script file name given in error messages.

   -The unsetenv command was introduced and the unsetenv technique was

   -More examples in this document


 Selector 4.0ö1 (960425)

   -More commands:
    "text", "space", "Title off", "Close", "rows", "exec", "setenv",
    "defenv", "color", "startbox", "endbox", "button...uppdate"
    and "buton...load"

   -Panels can now be more than one row of buttons. They can also
    contain text strings and inverted boxes.

   -Env variables support

   -Possible to pass variables from command line ([arg1]...[arg9])

   -Possible to pass return data with the "button...exit" command

   -{this} altered to [this]

   -Selector can not be started from Workbench any longer, this because
    it didn't get the whole search-path when it did. And this would get
    incompatible scripts.

   -The support programs (AddButton and NewPanel) became unmodern and
    was removed.

   -This guide document was written.

 Selector 3.20 (940729)

   -More commands:
    "Title", "Gap", "BackGround", "ForeGround", "LightColor" and "DarkColor"

   -{this} a variable for current script

   -Support programs for making panel design more easy:
    "AddButton 1.03 (940720)", and "NewPanel 1.01 (940721)"

 Selector 2.06 (940717)

   -The button panel was made configurable, with the commands:
    "Button", "X", "Y", "Size" and "Center"

 Selector 1.08 (940713)

   -Static button panel for launching the different programs
    in the WakeUpII screenblanker package.


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