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 Setpen [percent|%|pix] <X> <Y> [<X2> <Y2>]
 Sets the position (or area) for the following buttons and
 text strings. If you don't give X2 and Y2, then the right
 and bottom borders are used. Default is "Setpen 0 0"
 Try this demo

	defenv XX 0
	defenv YY 0

	windowsize 3 8
	setpen 1 1
	text "Press anywhere!"
	text "X: [xx]"
	text "Y: [yy]"

	setpen [xx] [yy]
	button "View script" run 'multiview "[this]"'
	button "Move Down!" setenv xx [xx] lastypos yy update
	button Quit exit

	area % 0 0 100 100 lastX xx lasty yy update

	unsetenv xx
	unsetenv yy

 One way to setpen:
 1. Start selector with the script.
 2. Press D to get to the drawing tool.
 3. Draw a box where you want the area and then leave the draw tool.
 4. Press E for the editor.
 5. Change in the last line from "Draw box" to "Setpen".


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