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 Here is a short description how to make your universal popup panel.

 1. Install the stuff
  Use the included install tool!
  The most important to install is "Selector" and "WBRun"

 2. Set your looks!
  Use the included prefs script!

 3. Start your text editor and load the file Selector/ShortWay
 You can change it as you like. Use the commands (or some of the
 commands) described here:
 Screen Jump
 	;The panel will popup on ALL screens
 Popup rmb lmb
 	;The panel will popup when both mouse buttons are pressed
 	;(left+right). If you have a 3-button mouse, use "POPUP MMB"
 	;instead, for the middle button.

 X atPointer
 Y atPointer
 	;The panel will popup at the mouse pointer

 Border OFF
 	;Turns the windows borders off
 Title OFF
 	;Turns the windows title off
 Button Shell exec 'newshell con:20/156/640/178'
 	;Button for starting a shell

 button Workbench ScreenRun Workbench
 	;Button for jumping to Workbench

 button Octamed ScreenRun OCTAMED work:Soundstudio/octamed closepopup
 	;Button for starting Octamed, or just jump to octameds screen
 	;if it's allready open.
 button Lexikon	exec 'wbrun "Work:ORD/Lexikon/Lexikon"' closepopup
 	;Start a program as if it had been doubleclicked.

 button Program run 'selector program' closepopup
	;Show a submenu (if the script file "program" exists)
 button Prefs run 'execute /demos/sysprefs' closepopup
	;Executes a shell script etc...
 4. Save this text to something, lets say SYS:sel/ThePanel.sel

 5. Add this to S:user-startup
 	run >nil: selector sys:sel/ThePanel.sel

 When you reboot, the panel will be activated. When you are making the
 panel, you probably want to test things first... Just write the line
 above into a shell window to start it. Press both mouse buttons to
 make the panel to appear (or the middle one)... To make the window
 dissapear, just move the mouse out of the window.
 To add a button, press "A" when the panel's window is active. To
 edit the script press "E". To reload the script and update, press "L".
 (Useful if you have edited the script and want to see the changes)
 To get rid of the panel for good, press ESC

 Good Luck!

 Try It! This is how it will look!
 (Press only once, the window is hidden...)
 Then press both mouse buttons to make it show. Go to another screen
 and try again!


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