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This document is a Html version of the AmigaGuide document included with Selector. In the AmigaGuide document, you can try the examples with selector directly by pressing the Try it! buttons. But here, this won't work. I also noticed that the link to the settings command doesn't work, so please use the AmigaGuide document if you can.
 Selector 9.3 Guide

   Introduction                   The
   Rights and Contacting Me       beginning...
   Beginner's tutorial         
   Shortway to your popup menu 

     Concepts                      Command
     Panel defining Commands       Reference
     Window Commands               Part...
     Startup Commands            
     Event Commands             
     System Commands            
     Command Index              

       Getting input                 Miscellaneous
       Keys and menus             
       SEL: Searchpath            
       Making Resident            
       Writing for compability    

         Env variables                  A little more
         Arguments & Other variables    advanced
         Selector in shell scripts      programming
         More tips & trix            
         All examples with source    
         Bonus Tools                 

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