Selector 9.3

(April 2004)
"Selector, the easiest way to create your own toolbars" ... "The program is so easy to use that you can have your first project up and running in under a minute"
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    Selector is a powerful yet simple script language/launching tool/GUI engine. A good complement to AmigaDos shell and arexx scriptwriting.

    You can for example make a button panel that follows you from screen to screen. Or why not a handy menu that pops up on any screen (public or not) when pressing both mouse buttons together.

    On it you can have a button for starting a program - or if it's running already - just jump to that programs screen. This is very comfortable, as you always press the same button to get to that's programs screen, regardless of if it's open or not. Think about that! Regardless of what program's screen you are on, you always do exactly the same thing to go to (or start) a program. No need to go to the workbench. No need to keep in mind what programs that are running...

    Or you could for example make a special window only available on your word processors screen, with buttons for starting different arexx scripts for that program.

    Selector is a powerful tool to use within shell scripts or to make a little GUI for your CLI type program.

    The possible uses of selector is almost unlimited, yet the syntax is very simple. Even with the simple syntax, I've made things even easier for you with useful tools built in to write the scripts for you. For example, just choose "Add button" from the menu (or press A) to add a new button. You can even draw graphics on your selector windows with these built in tools.


    New in Selector 9.3 is extras for AmigaOS3.9! The ultimate toolsdeamon replacement for OS3.9! When marking an icon on the Workbench, instead of just clicking, hold the button down for half a second, then release and a menu will appear with choices of what to do with the selected file. Could it be easier? Just one simple click to select the file and open the menu at the same time, and the menu pops up at the mouse pointer. This sure beats Toolsdeamon. (Also available as separate download archive below).

    Take a look at this simple script example:

    text "Here is a little info" 
    text "window, made with:"
    color 2 3
    text "Selector 7"
    color 1
    button "Ok, I see!" exit

    The text above is written to a text file named, lets say "info.sel". Then the window is opened by starting selector from a shell window with "info.sel" as an argument. (As you can see to the right)

    Note: The window will probably look quite different on your computer, because of my settings files...

Selector Documentation

Here is a Html version of the included AmigaGuide document: Selectorguide.html (Added June 2006)

But it's not just the Selector executable...

Besides the Selector program itself, guide document with many example scripts, preferences editor (script), install/upgrade tool (script), a bunch of pattern images and demo scripts, this package ALSO INCLUDES a set of some very usefull Shell/CLI commands!!! (Now they are also small in size ;-)
  + BreakName      (Kai Iske)
  + Change         (Anders Persson)
  + ChangeLine     (Anders Persson)
  + CheckMate      (Anders Persson)
  + ChopLine       (Anders Persson)
  + ChopWord       (Anders Persson)
  + Count          (Anders Persson)
  + Delay          (Anders Persson)
  + Enclose        (Anders Persson)  
  + ExecuteHack    (Norbert Püschel)
  + FileName       (Anders Persson)
  + GetLine        (Anders Persson)
  + MagicColors    (Volker Rudolph)
  + psRun          (Anders Persson)
  + RequestString  (Adam Dawes)
  + SelectorFont   (Anders Persson)
  + SelectorScreens(Anders Persson)  
  + SelectorText   (Anders Persson)
  + TextWrap       (Anders Persson)
  + TimeIt         (Anders Persson)
  + Unsort         (Anders Persson)
  + WBRun          (Sylvain Rougier & Pierre Carrette)

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