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  Selector was from the begining just a program shipped with my
  screen blanker "WakeUpII". It was ment to serve as a launching
  tool for the different programs included in that package. But it
  has grown to a highly configurable launching tool for almost ANY
  purpose. But it is not yet another program like toolsdeamon or
  toolmanager. Selector serves as a complement to these types of
  programs. It's more like a script language.

  You can for example make a button panel that follows you from
  screen to screen when changing screens. Or a button panel (or menu)
  that pops up ANYWHERE when pressing your middle mouse button.
  (Or when pressing both mouse buttons together.)

  You can make a button for starting a program if it's not allready
  open, else just jump to that programs screen. This is very comfortable,
  as you allways press the same button to get to the programs screen,
  regardless if it's open or not.
  You can make a special window only available on (for example) your
  word processors screen, with buttons for starting different arexx
  scripts for that program.
  Selector is a powerful tool to use within shell scripts or to
  make a little GUI for your CLI type program. I have for example
  made a GUI for GMPlay (mus/midi/GMPlayGUI15.lha on Aminet) using
  The possible use of selector is almost unlimited, yet the syntax
  is very simple.

  It is really easy to produce a button panel, info window  or a little
  requester with selector.
  Or, why not quote the world's biggest amiga magazine:
  "The program is so easy to use that you can have your first project
   up and running in under a minute." - AMIGA FORMAT march 1998

   Is it really that simple? - This I wan't to see!


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