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 ChangeSize  [mult] <number>
 Changes the size of buttons and text strings.
 When a selector script is analysed, all button names and text
 strings are gone through, and the size is set to the one that
 has the longest text string. When using the size command,
 this procedure is overridden, and the size is set by the
 size command instead. Now, this is the "buttonsize" that is the
 base for the coordinates. When using the
 changesize command, the button size is changed only for the
 display in the window. The coordinates are not changed. You may
 wonder why you should want to change the button size? Why not
 simply use the size command for that? The answer is that with
 the changesize command you can change the size many times and
 you can have buttons of different sizes in the same window.
 But the coordinates are still the same, based on the "size"
 command or the automation.
 When using the 'mult' option, the size is multiplied by the
 number. For example: "ChangeSize mult 0.5" halves the
 button size.

 When using changesize, you must be aware that the coordinates
 don't matches any buttons changed in size, so any graphics
 painted on buttons etc, will not be located in the same place
 when changing gap, as the gap is part of the coordinates.

 Example of changesize:
 size 16
 windowsize 4 9

 setpen 1 1
 button One
 button Two

 changesize 8

 setpen 3 3
 button Three
 Button Four

 Try it!

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