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 You can allways press these keys for the active selector window:

 Esc            Exit

 E or Ctrl-E    Load this window's script into a text editor
                (Also see  main.)
 L or Ctrl-L    Reload the script and update the window
                (Just like Load "[this]")

 U              Reload the script and update the window
                (Just like LoadUpdate)
 A              Add a button to the window's script. But you must
                have C:Requestfile (AmigaOS 3.0+) for it to work.
                You must also have selector in the path (preferably
                in your C: directory). Or even better: made resident.
 D              Gets you to the draw tool which helps you to draw
                lines, boxes, change color and more. You must have
                Selector in the path (look above).
                When you have choosen your draw type and just are about
                to draw, you can press any key to change your mind.
                When drawing "Many Connected Lines", you can move the
                pen by pressing any key. The "undo" function removes
                the last line of the script, even if it's a button or
 Ctrl-D         Like "D", but the drawing coordinates are in "Percent"
                by default.
 Help           Shows selectors version and some info.
 1 to 9         Press button with the number in question, for
                example, press the key "1" to press the first button.
 Return         Press the last pressed button once more.
                (But it has no effect after an update etc.)
 X or Ctrl-X    Used defined! By setting the env variable
                $selectorExternal, you can make your own draw tool or
                something like that. When pressing X, this is started:
                $selectorExternal "[this]". And afterwards, the window
                is updated. For example: This will add the text "hello"
                to a window when pressing X:
                setenv selectorexternal echo "text hello" >>
                X and Ctrl-X differ like E and Ctrl-E when using main.
                If selectorExternal is unset, then multiview is used.

 Most of these can also be reached from the menus. Just hold down the
 right mouse button for an active selector window. Please note that
 these menus not will be added to popup windows.

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