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 Include <filename>

 This command includes another selector script file into the script.
 Once the file has been included, the include command will not be updated
 by the update command/option.
 Use loadupdate instead if you want this to happend.
 The include command supports the SEL: search path.
 Here is an example of the use of include:
     exec @list >t:prefsy sys:Prefs/ pat ~(#?.info) files lformat "button *"%n*" £run >nil: *"sys:prefs/%n*"£ exit"@
     exec @sort t:prefsy to t:prefsy2@
     title "System Prefs"

     color 2 3
     include t:prefsy2

     exec @delete >nil: t:prefsy2 t:prefsy@

 Try it!

 Also see: The Settings File

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