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 BUTTON <Button Name>
	 [ EXEC <command> | RUN <command> | ScreenRun <screen> <cmd> 
	 | UPDATE | LOADUPDATE | LOAD <file> [arguments]             
	 | EXIT [<string>] | QUIT [<string>]                         
	 | DumpX <variable> | DumpY <variable>                       
	 | LastX <variable> | LastY <variable>                       
	 | LastXPos <variable> | LastYPos <variable>                 
	 | Popup | PopupClose                                        
	 | Setenv <variable> <value> | UnSetenv <variable> ]         
	 ( ['command 1' 'command 2' ... 'command n'] )               

 This is one of selectors most important commands. It spesifies the button
 name and what actions that will happen if the button is pressed.
 Here is some examles of buttons:

 Button Help run 'multiview help.doc'
  This one loads multiview with the file help.doc if the button
  Help is pressed.

 Button Exit exit
  Selector is terminated when the button is pressed

 Button Exit exit "Selector is ending"
  Selector writes the string to the shell window before quitting
  (when the button is pressed).

 Button "Another Exit" exec 'delete t:temp' exit
  The file t:temp is deleted before ending

 button Reload setenv cool Yes update
  This one sets the env variable cool to Yes and then 
 rewrites the window.

 button Update LoadUpdate
  is (almost) eqvivalent to
 button Update Load [this]
 button Update run 'selector [this]' exit
 button Update 'run >nil selector [this]' exit

 Button "View Source" exec "type [this]"
  Types the source file

 Button Other Load Other.sel "One" Two '"Three"'
  Loads selector with the script Other.sel and passes the arguments
  One, Two and "Three"

 [this] is the name of the source script.


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