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 Selectors searchpath

 If you want to load Selector with a script file called "Filename", you
 probably do this by the folowing command:

    Selector "Filename"

 Now, selector starts to look for the file "Filename" in the following

 1. "Filename"

 2. "Filename.sel"

 3. "SEL:Filename"

 4. "SEL:Filename.sel"

 This way, you can have a directory where you have all your selector
 files (.sel) and then assign SEL: to it. You can then, without bothering
 in what directory you stand, allways reach the files. This works in the
 same way, as the S: directory works for the AmigaDos execute command.

 You should then add something like this to your user-startup:

 Assign SEL: work:selector


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