By Anders Persson 2002.
Requirements: VIC20, 8K expansion (or more) and a diskdrive. When running, it uses 1K of your basic memory.

VIC EXTRA SCREEN - A powerful tool for:

* Everyday VIC usage
For example, write your basic programs on one screen and look at the output or make some calculations on the other screen. Or why not have a file list on the extra screen? Extra Screen is a great programming tool in this way.

* A bigger screen in your basic programs!
Tired of those 23 text lines of the vic display? Now you can use up to 36 lines of text in your own basic programs! All you have to do is to use some simple sys commands to swap and copy between the screens. You can in this way use ordinary print commands as well as poke commands.

With the extra program 'x-screen save', you can save screens to look at later or to use in your programs.

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