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New (2002) and old (1987) VIC20 software by Anders Persson.

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Omegan Trial & Reaction 1K

(Sep, 2002). These two games was my contribution to the 2002 1K Minigame compo. A competition to write the best game with a file size of 1024 bytes or less for a 8 bit computer. Here are the short descriptions:

The Omegan Trial

The Omegan system is famous for its way of training its warriors using android controlled fighters (code named "Omega Race"). However - first the cadets have to go through the "Omegan Trial". For any VIC20 (unexpanded, expanded, PAL or NTSC). Its 100% Basic and written on a real VIC20.

Download: OmeganTrial.zip
More info...

Reaction 1K

Measures your reactivity. You can compete with yourself or with your friends to see who would fit to be a gunfighter or test pilot (or a 90-year-old for that matter. ;-) For any VIC20 (unexpanded, expanded, PAL or NTSC). It's 100% Basic and written on a real VIC20.

Download: Reaction.zip
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A new cool VIC20 game in 2002! Now also in English! A mix between Lemmings and Pinball! My best game ever!
English - Svenska

VIC Extra Screen

A new (Feb 2002) useful tool for expanded VIC20.

Anders Vic20-spel

(21 games in Swedish) Ladda ner mina 21 svenska vic20-spel och spela p din VIC eller p din PC!


"The big Christmas concert" - requires 8K expansion and paddles. Use the paddles to play trumpet and tuba.

Download: julkonsert.zip (4k)

Sound Samples

Requires 16K expansion and diskdrive.

How to run the different files:



LOAD "SAMPLE20044-16K",8,1

LOAD "SAMP.3(22016)16K",8,1
Download: samples.zip (30k)


For unexpanded or expanded PAL VIC20.
A not so impressive raster effect.
How to run:

LOAD "RASTER(6912)",8,1
Download: raster.zip (1k)


For expanded PAL VIC20.
A demo of how to open a really big screen only using basic.
How to run:


(read the output - the basic memory
has now moved - load again)

Download: bigscreen.zip (2k)


A basic demo of how to use the joystick correctly. (In Swedish)

Download: joystick.zip (1k)

Misc Basic programs

Most of them are made for expanded (8/16K) vic. A few (marked (unex)) for unexpanded vic. This zip archive contains my very first programs (mostly silly basic demos in Swedish)

4 "ap's bilspel" prg 
5 "bilen" prg 
2 "frage program 2" prg 
5 "frageprogram-2" prg 
4 "hempin-1" prg 
3 "laten" prg 
4 "losen" prg 
2 "masken" prg 
3 "masken-2" prg 
5 "ormen" prg 
3 "rnd-ljud" prg 
3 "semp" prg 
5 "sprattelmannen4" prg 
7 "the studio ii" prg 
1 "trummor" prg 
1 "trummor2" prg 
4 "ap's ritprog(unex)"prg 
2 "sprattelmannen(unex)"prg
Download: misc.zip (11k)

VIC20 emulation

VICE is a good VIC20 emulator that also can emulate C64, C128, PET and CBM2. You can download it from this page.

6561-101.vpl.txt gives you better (more realistic) colors in VICE. Select it in the menu Settings/Video Settings.../Advanced. Mark "External palette" and select the file. Then save the settings as default. (Settings/Save current settings)

The easiest way to run a program in VICE is to select the menu File/Autostart disk/tape image... (the first choice in the first menu) and select the file to run.


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