**** C128 Software ****

New (2004) C128 software by Anders Persson.

Text Walker

A text formatting and printing program, probably compatible with all Commodore 8 bit computers.
Go there!

HTML Walker

Web pages on your C128 as well as vic20, C64 etc... Has the World Wide Web finally reached your vic20? Well, the main purpose of HTML Walker is not to display existing web pages on your vic (even though this is possible), it's a program for you who like to do some word processing on your Commodore 8 bit computer. Use your favourite Commodore 8bit text editor to write the text while using html codes to format the text. Then use HTML Walker to print it out, or to watch it with formatting on the screen, or to convert it to plain petasc without the html codes. Go there!


QBench - A benchmark program to test the speed of your Commodore 8 bit computer against others.

Museum 128

(Apr 2004) A Basic demo for the 80 display. Lasting for 19 minutes! Not the coolest demo effects, but hey, it's 100% basic on a text screen!!! It's more like the effects of the average screen blanker... But it's at least the coolest Commodore 8bit basic demo I've ever seen... ;-)

Download: museum128.prg (5k)


(May 2004) A program for converting petasc textfiles to ascii. Puts in all the commodore special signs, like {BLU}, {YEL}, {CLR}, {UP}, {SH-W} etc... Useful for publishing program listings. Here is an example: textport.txt (The program's own program listing). The program should work on any CBM 8bit computer with diskdrive.

Download: textport.prg (1k)

Svenska Tecken

(June 2004) A tiny program for using Swedish characters on a non-Swedish C128. 80 column display only. Eller om du vill ha svenska tecken men ändå föredrar det engelska tangentbordet...

Download: svenskatecken.prg
Eller skriv in programmet:
14 PRINT"{DOWN}[[[ {POUND}{POUND}{POUND} ]]] {SH-+}{SH-+}{SH-+} {C=--}{C=--}{C=--}
   {SH--}{SH--}{SH--} ";CHR$(142);"[[[ {POUND}{POUND}{POUND} ]]]"
20 REM SM]
30 DATA 283,36,0,60,6,62,102,62,0
40 DATA 284,36,0,60,102,102,102,60,0
50 DATA 285,60,36,60,6,62,102,62,0
70 DATA 347,66,24,60,102,126,102,102,0
80 DATA 348,66,60,102,102,102,102,60,0
90 DATA 349,24,36,60,102,126,102,102,0
100 DATA 27,66,24,60,102,126,102,102,0
110 DATA 28,66,60,102,102,102,102,60,0
120 DATA 29,24,36,60,102,126,102,102,0
130 C=DEC("2000"):BANK15:V=52684:K=31
150 A=C+A*16:H%=A/256:L%=A-H%*256:SYSV,H%,18:SYSV,L%,19

Programming examples in Swedish on my C128 page.

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