-- For Commodore 64, Plus/4 and Vic-20 --

DIRPLUS is a SD2IEC file browser, program starter and file manager solution for your Commodore 8 bit home computer. My goal with the file management functionality has been that you never should have to put your SD card in a modern computer for file managing.

You can copy and paste files between folders, rename files etc. You can view some file formats and even extract files from disk images. You can also set 16 global tools that you can reach from any folder or disk image. For example, start an outside word processor inside of a disk image that only contains text files.

DirPlus is the only browser that lets you browse around while the directory is still being loaded. It's also the only browser that supports SD2IEC partitions, which makes it possible to copy files in and out of disk images using the normal copy function. You can also more easily restart dirplus when you are inside a disk image.

Other DirPlus-specific features are global user notes available from any folder or partition and DirPlus Dos which is a command line interface.


The versions for the different computers are part of the same installation and the correct program is loaded when starting the program "D". This way, you can use the same SD card for all of your Commodore 8 bit home computers.


(manual NOT included):
Instructions manual

Older versions: 6.0.pdf
5.0 4.11 4.10 4.00 3.1c 3.10 3.00 2.1 2.0 1.4 1.3 1.2 vic 20 disk menu

Beginner's tips

#1: Unlike other browsers, you can go ahead and navigate while the directory is still being loaded. (C64/Plus4)

#2: To quickly search a huge directory without even loading the directory, press U and then enter a dos search pattern or just the start of the filenames you want, for example A for all filenames starting with A.

Computer model support chart

ComputerDirPlus Browser functionalityDirPlus DosSoft Jiffy disk turbo includedPi1541 support
C64FullYesNo. (Most C64 users have a fast loader cartridge anyway).Yes*
Plus/4 (or expanded C16)FullYesYes, but only used if needed. Yes*
Unexpanded C16Partial. (It's slower and lacks the most recent functions).YesYes, but only used if needed. DirPlus Dos: Yes* Browser: No
Vic-20Partial. More functionality with ram expansion than without. Also includes special Vic-20 features. Exp: Yes Unex: No Yes, but only used if needed. Dirplus Dos: Yes* Exp. Browser: Yes* Unex. Browser: No
C128 in 128 mode (40 and 80 column mode)No (cbm file browser 128 is started by default).YesYes.DirPlus Dos: Yes* Browsers: No
*Pi1541 Support: Only functions possible on the Pi1541 works on a Pi1541 (of course). Read the pi1541 section in the manual for more information.

News in V7.0 (Apr 2022):

    • SD2IEC Partitions support. (More useful than you think)
    • Improved JiffyDos support.
    • Epyx Fastload support.
    • Reduced starting time.
    • Create D64.
    • Various improvements.


    SD2IEC partition support was added. Use the arrow up sign key ↑ in the browser(s) to change partitions or use the CP command in Dirplus Dos. Partitions makes it possible to copy files in and out of disk images using the normal copy function (when copying between partitions). You can also more easily restart dirplus when inside a disk image (on other partitions than 1). IMPORTANT: Dirplus should be installed on your first partition (nr 1). If you only have one partition then Dirplus will work just like previous versions. To my knowledge, the DirPlus Browser is the only browser in existence that supports SD2IEC partitions. More about partitions in the partitions section below.

    Better JiffyDos support: The d starter now detects if you have JiffyDos installed and if that's the case then it skips loading Soft-Jiffy on Vic-20 and Plus/4. This means that no special installation is needed any longer if you have a JiffyDos rom. On the C128, Soft-Jiffy is loaded even if you have a JiffyDos rom because there is a bug in the JiffyDos ROM that sometimes locks the computer after a load. So using Soft Jiffy serves as a bugfix for this. If you prefer the jiffyDos autodetection on the C128 as well, then load the file //DIRPLUS/128, delete line 13 and re-save, like this:
    LOAD”128”,8 {return}
    13 {return}
    SAVE”@:128”,8 {return}

    On the c64 it detects if you have JiffyDos+TheFinalCartridge3 and if that's the case, it disables the load routine of the final cartridge. This way you will get the best of both: JiffyDos load (faster and doesn’t blank the screen), final cart save (faster) and all commands of both active. If you press RunStop-Restore however, you will get the final cart’s load routine back.

    Some other extra JiffyDos support was added. These only works if you have JiffyDos installed:
    - In the C64 browser you can now press Commodore-L to list a basic program without loading it. Note: If you press break to break the listing, you then have to write CONT and press return to get back.
    - In DirPlus Dos you can use the J command to turn on and off some JiffyDos adaptations. With J turned on, @$ will be used for DIR (on C64 and Vic-20) and @T will be used for TYPE. Note that you can't use the stop key to break a listing in this mode.

    You can now create a new .d64 image in the browser by pressing Ctrl-D.
    If you want a custom .d64 to be created instead of the default empty one, then replace the file //DIRPLUS:NEW.D64 with your custom D64.

    There is now also a general KILL command you can do from the C64 browser. Press Commodore-K. KILL will be performed and the browser will be restarted.

    The starting of the C64 and Plus/4 browsers was made quicker. In previous versions, the machine language part was poked in from data statements in a compiled basic program. That took some time and the program was bigger than needed, meaning longer loading time. Now, the machine language part is loaded separately and the main program is smaller. This means that the 64 browser isn't stand alone any longer, but it also reduced the loading/starting time. In the case of JiffyDos, the time from when you press Shift-run/stop to when the directory is starting to load was reduced from 4 to 3 seconds.

    In the C64 slideshow function you can now press E to start or stop a "Lamer Effect". So, what is a lamer effect? Well, you have to press E to find out. ;-) It doesn't seem to work on Doodle pictures though.

    Because of an inconsistency in SD2IEC, folders with a name longer than 16 letters appeared to be empty in the browser. This is now fixed.

    DirPlus now works with Epyx Fastload.

    The P no longer flashes if a dir isn’t “prepared”. The reason is that the routine gave an extra delay after loading huge unprepared directories. Preparing dirs is not that important if you have a dirplus system partition anyway and the flashing P could just be disturbing.

    SD2IEC Partitions

    If you have more than one partition on your SD card, you can use the arrow up sign key ↑ in the browser(s) to change partitions. In Dirplus Dos, use the CP command. To my knowledge, the DirPlus Browser is the only browser in existence that supports SD2IEC partitions.

    IMPORTANT: DirPlus should be installed on your first partition (nr 1).

    Partitions makes it possible to copy files in and out of disk images using the normal copy function (when copying between partitions).

    You can also more easily restart dirplus when you are inside a disk image (on other partitions than 1).

    You can "prepare" (put the D starter) in any folder you like, including folders on other partitions and DirPlus will be loaded from partition 1 anyway. But be aware that this won't work if a disk image is currently mounted on partition 1. External viewers won't work either when a disk image is mounted on partition 1. So the best would be to put all of your disk images on other partitions than 1 to prevent this from happening. (I have no clue why SD2IEC was implemented this way).

    You can restart DirPlus with: LOAD"1//:D",8 and RUN. This can be done from any folder on any partition or from within disk images on other partitions than 1.

    Note that each partition has its own current directory so if you change partition and return to the same partition later, you will get back to the same folder you left from.

    If you use partition 1 as a Dirplus system partition (plus some other useful tools) and keep all of your d64s and games on other partitions, then you would never have to leave the root dir of partition 1 and then you can always reload dirplus with just:
    or if you have JiffyDos:

    Why 1:1 and not 1:D? Well, you can use 1:D but I copied D to an extra file called 1 just because it’s easier to type 1:1 than 1:D.

    You can directly reach a file on any partition without making it the current partition first by using the partition number in the file name, for example:
    "4:HELLO" means the file HELLO in the current directory of partition 4.
    "2//GAMES:BG" means the file BG in the folder GAMES of partition 2.
    SAVE"@2//GAMES:BG",8 means to overwrite the said file.
    This works from any program.

    IMPORTANT: Be sure to backup your SD card before attempting to create new partitions! Using a Windows PC, you can at maximum create 4 partitions on a SD card.

    Upgrading Dirplus to V7.0

    Copy everything from the downloaded zip file to your SD card's root directory (on partition 1) so that the contents of the DIRPLUS folder will be overwritten with new versions etc.

    If you want to refresh the D starter in some folders then just delete D in that folder and then press P to prepare it.

    Anders Persson, Apr 2022


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