Text Walker

Text Walker

What is it?

A text formatting and printing program, probably compatible with all Commodore 8 bit computers. Write the text in on the data lines in the program - use the normal basic editing functions as your text editor. Use some html tags for formatting the text (if you like). RUN to preview or to print out. SAVE and you will have the text and viewer in the same file. Write on for example the VIC20, give it to your C128 friend, and he can print it out directly with correct formatting and all. The program is faster on the C128, Plus/4 and C16 as it takes advantage of the more advanced basic.

Download: textwalker.zip

Files in the zip archive

TW12.PRG Text Walker with built in doc.
TW12EMPTY.PRG Text Walker without the doc, ready for your text.
LC2ASCII.PRG The new lc2ascii convert tool.
LC2ASCII-DOC.PRG Doc for the conversion tool (as TextWalker program).
DOCS/ These html docs...

News in V1.2 (Aug 2005)

  • You can now output to any disk device.
  • New support program: lc2ascii for converting your texts to modern computers.

    News in V1.1 (May 2005)

  • About 30-40% faster on all computers! (Except for the C16 where it is 224% faster!)
  • Default values for every computer and situation. (Seen in brackets - Just press return).
  • You can save the text as petascii html that can be used by Html Walker.
  • Tape support.
  • The Esc command was removed.


    PAL C128 2MHz 80 columns:  167 cps
    PAL C16 (YAPE):            103 cps
    NTSC Plus/4:                94 cps
    PAL C128 40 columns:        83 cps
    PAL Vic-20:                 65 cps
    PAL C64:                    57 cps
    MPS1250 printer - Draft:   120 cps,  (According to
                        NLQ:    24 cps    the manual)
    Cps= Characters per second.

    Formatting commands

    <br>  Line break
    <p>   Two line breaks 
    <i>   Italic On
    </i>  Italic Off
    <b>   Bold On
    </b>  Bold Off 
    <h1>  Big Headline On 
    </h1> Big Headline Off
    <h2>  Headline 
    </h2> Headline Off 
    <end> End of document

    Example document

    100 data "<h2> Hello! </h2> This is a text written with"
    110 data "TextWalker V1.1. With it, you can do word processing"
    120 data "with <b> formatting </b> on an unexpanded vic-20"
    130 data "with suprising nice results."
    2000 data "<end>": rem don't touch!


    Use the normal functions on your computer to pause output, which is:
              C128:  Scroll lock to pause, and Commodore to slow down.
    Plus/4 and C16:  Control-S to pause, and Commodore to slow down.
    Vic-20 and C64:  Control to slow down.