Buying mp3s

There are two different systems for buying music on this site (look below). Different systems are used for different albums. Both systems uses PayPal. So, do you need a PayPal account to pay? No! You can pay with your ordinary payment card. The information is encrypted through PayPal's secure interface.

A: Download first - then pay

Here you listen online first, download the mp3s you want to buy, then sum up the price and pay. Rules and prices are found here.

B: Pay first - then download

Here the sales are managed through Bandcamp. You can either buy single tunes one by one or a whole album. There are no additions to the stated price. (Bandcamp's 15% and PayPal's fees are included in the stated price). The big advantage is that you can choose between many different formats when downloading, including totally lossless formats like Flac (just as good or better than CD quality). What you hear when listening online is NOT full quality.