Buying mp3s

You find the music in the mp3 albums to the right. Listen online first. The music is complete and in high quality. If you decide to download, then you have to pay within three days for the tunes you saved. You agree to these terms by downloading.

The price is $7.30 for an album, or $0.15 per minute for single mp3s. (PayPal's fee is added to the price, which is 3.9% + $0.30)

Open the PayPal interface, which also includes a convenient price calculator. If you don't have PayPal, you can use a credit card.

If you keep my music without paying, you are not only committing an illegal act, you are not showing any respect for me and the big work I have put into this.

If you own a genuine Boray CD, then you are free to download the mp3s for that CD for free. Most of the albums have been remixed and remastered since they were released.

NOTE - "Mystery" and "Latest Singles" are sold through another system.