Note: This program is obsolete together with Selector as Selector now has the "screenrun" option that works in the same way. But with other programs, psrun could still be useful...
PublicScreen-Run V1.1 By Anders Persson 2004 (

psrun < Screen> < Program>

If the public screen < Screen> exists, this screen is moved to
front, else the < Program> is startded with RUN > nil: in front
of it. PSRUN is usefull from Selector, to get a button that you
allways can press for the program in question, regardless if
it is open or not. The program must ofcause open the screen

Examples: (from shell)
psrun DM c:dm SYS:Disk&Fil/DiskMaster2
psrun HBASIC.1 hbasic2:hbasic2

Or from Selector:
Button DiskMaster 'psrun DM c:dm SYS:Disk&Fil/DiskMaster2'
Button Editor 'psrun HBASIC.1 hbasic2:hbasic2'

Download? It's inside the Selector archive.
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