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                       C h e c k   M a t e
 By Anders 'Boray' Persson 1993 to 1996

Ver: 1.21 (2004-02-15)

CheckMate is a virus protector that checks if any files have
changed in size or by contents. It analyzes your startup sequence
and wbstartup drawer, so that all programs that allways is run is
checked for any change. But all file changes are not caused by viruses
'linking in'. For example is s:user-startup often changed when
you install a new program. But you probably know that :)

CheckMate [r] [fast] [c < bytes>] [b < basename>] [?]

[r] =re-Scan!!!

[fast] = Contents check is turned off and only the sizes will
    be scanned. This speeds things up dramaticly, but it also makes
    things less secure.

[c] =Contents check settings
     < bytes> is how many bytes that will be loaded from
    each file (default=14000). If the file size if smaller than this,
    then the whole file will be loaded. A checksum is calculated
    from the loaded bytes.

[b] =BaseName!! If this not is specified, the basename will be:
     'S:CheckMate'  So the prefs will be loaded from:
     You can also give a .MPref or .inf file instead of a basename.

Example: (for user-startup/startup-sequence)
CheckMate c 10000

Make sure that your path is specified before CheckMate in your
startup!, otherwise, some files won't be found. So one suggestion
could be to place CheckMate just before the loadWB command.

Preferences is always loaded from the script basename+'.MPref'
Edit the prefs-file, so it will please your needs!! But you must run
CheckMate one time first.. so the file will be created...
This way You can have some different prefs-files... One short and
fast to use in your startup, and a longer (including Libs: L: Devs:
 DH1:tools/ etc..) to use when you want to......

Version History:
SizeChecker   1.0   (93-06-11)      The first one.. source lost in HD-death
SizeCheckerII 1.05  (94-05-17)      First public release of this-one..
SizeCheckerII 1.10  (94-05-24)      Added >NIL: elimination...
SizeCheckerII 1.20  (94-05-26)      Added MemoryCheck!!!
SizeCheckerII 1.21  (94-05-28)      Added 'Basename' -option..
SizeCheckerII 1.22  (94-05-29)      Bugfix: Sizes were sometimes negative..
SizeCheckerII 1.50  (96-02-14)      Possible to analyze,
                                    Scripts can now contain TAB's. The data-
                                    file can't be remembered.
SizeCheckerII 1.52  (96-02-17)      Uses 'which' to find files without path
SizeCheckerII 1.54  (96-02-18)      Can run without 'which'...
SizeCheckerII 1.60  (96-02-28)      Added 'contents check' (Written on
                                    The University Of Skovde, department
                                    of computer science). (158 Km away
                                    from my Amiga.. I sure hope it will
                                    run through the compiler nicely. :-)
SizeCheckerII 1.65  (96-03-01)      (It didn't)
Check Mate 1.0c  (96-04-16)  I discovered that there was another virus
                             program with the name SizeChecker, so I changed
                             it to 'Check Mate'. I also fixed some bad bugs
                             I also added Integrity Test!
Check Mate 1.0r  (96-04-19)  Contents check implemented in assebler! And I
                             removed the memory check (it was only disturbing)
Check Mate 1.20  (96-12-07)  < NIL: elemination
Check Mate 1.21  (04-02-14)  Uses hbasic2.library

CheckMate needs these AmigaDos commands: Resident and Which.
But it can run without them.... It just can't find some files
without them....

Pref file description:
analyze | execute < scriptfile>
  The scriptfile can be a CheckMate pref file, a shell script file
  (like s:startup-sequence), .backdrop file or
  a pref file
  All files in the script are remembered, and futher execute/analyze
  commands in script are entered recursively.

Scan < directory>
  The files in the directory are remembered with every rescan.

Watch < directory>
  The files in the directory are remembered with every rescan. And
  all new files are detected with every check.

Greetings to:
Frodo, Midaz, Gizmo, Gunnar, Svante, Arkanoid, Niclas and Malte
Happy Virus-protecting! and look out for other BoraySoft products...

/Anders Persson   (

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