lc2ascii Commodore 8 bit!

LoCase2Ascii convert

By Anders Persson 2005

A tool for converting a "mixed case" (LoCase+UCase) petascii text file into an Ascii text file (for Windows, Amiga, Unix - not DOS!) (This is the mixed case you see right now.)


* The program will run on any 8-bit Commodore.
* Fast conversion. (for being Basic)
* Swedish characters () are being converted.
* Compatible with TextWalker and HTML Walker
* Optional chr$(34) conversion, for usage with TextWalker. (Use any sign, for example #, and then you can set the conversion program to exchange all # to " (which normally can't be used in TextWalker because of the data lines.))

Use with TextWalker

To convert a text written in TextWalker to a text that can be used in Windows, first select a disk device as the output in TextWalker, select Formatted or Html. (For some reason, it doesn't work to save Formatted to 64HDD for me, but that could be a problem for me only.) When you have this text (or html) file, it IS a petascii file that has to be converted to Ascii. This is what LoCase2Ascii does. Just load the program and select the file you just saved. You can either convert directly to a 64HDD device to get it to the PC, or to your floppy for later transfer to the PC, for example with the Star Commander program.


The program reads the text in hunks of 8 bytes to speed it up. Because of this, the end of the file can't be detected more precise than within 8 bytes. So please check the end of the resulting Ascii file for any unwanted characters.

The program behaves differently depending on how much memory you have. On the unexpanded vic 20, more repeated sessions of reading, converting and writing will occur.

Well, Have fun!

Anders Persson,

This doc was written on a Plus/4 and the program was written on a vic-20.

Download??? On the TextWalker page...