TRIBBLES - A new cool VIC20 game in 2002!!!

A VIC game for 2-7 players. A mix between Lemmings and Pinball. My best game ever (regardless of computer)! Requirements: VIC20, 8K expansion and diskdrive - or a good emulator (like VICE).

This is how it works: All players has a tribble (a ball with a face). For every round, a new "track" is created randomly but according to some rules. The screen contains things that react differently when your tribble hits them:
  • Diamond: Your tribble eats it (you continue falling down) and you get 10 points.
  • Heart: Your tribble eats it and you get 50 points.
  • Star: You get 75 points, the star dissapears, you bounce two steps up and maybe one to the left or one to the right.
  • Moving arrows: You move one step to the left.
  • A pattern moving to the right: You move one step to the right. The pattern below you dissapears - first half of it and then when the next tribble hits it - all of it dissapears.
  • Trampoline: You bounce two steps up and maybe one to the right, one to the left or two steps to the left.
  • Red pattern: you eat it through slowly.
  • Questionmark: Random transport and the questionmark dissapears.
  • Arrow up: Restart at random top position (and the arrow dissapears).
  • Empty space: The tribble moves one step down.
  • Another tribble: You move one step to the left.

    If there is another item in the spot you moved to, you will immediately react on that item. You can in other words jump on several trampolines when the other tribbles only move one step.
    When a tribble reaches the left or right end of the screen, it comes out on the other side.

    All these things are not in all screens and some of them only appears when you have played a couple of rounds.

    Now, all players will place their tribble at the top of the screen. The aim is to eat as many stars, hearts and diamonds as you possibly can to get as many points as possible. When everyone has placed their tribble they begin to fall. They bounce around on the different things and collects points. When everyone has reached the bottom, the round is over and the results are displayed. This keeps on as long you want to play. You can for example decide from the start that you will play 25 rounds.

    Something that's great about this game is that everyone can play and enjoy it! Young as well as old.... You don't have to be good with the joystick or to have fast reactivity. You only have to figure out where to place your tribble. You must also take in consideration that if you place your tribble first - the other players may put their tribbles in places so that they could take the hearts and stars you wanted before you. So you have to think twice before deciding. But it depends on the chance too, because of the bounce stars and trampolines etc. This game has the good mix of both skill and luck that games like backgammon also has.

    Tribbles is a well made game that well can compete with commercial games of the days of the VIC20.

    Download: (6K) PAL (European) version.
    Download: (6K) NTSC (American) version.

    Listen to the game music: RealAudio 28K modem.

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