A slide show screen saver by Anders "Boray" Persson. Includes many features not found in other programs. Can also be used as just a slideshow program.


* Uses the same screen resolution as the desktop.

* All pictures of the selected formats found in the folder and sub folders will be included in the slide show.

* Maximum randomization: Each picture is shown only once untill all pictures are shown. (During program's uptime.)

* Optionally, the desktop can be shown briefly between pictures so that you can see if something has happened there. Then fading over to the next picture.

* Hide or show the Windows taskbar - another way to see if things happens while the slide show is running.

* Transparency control: If you like, you can even see the desktop through the displayed pictures.

* Adjustable zoom and presets for different zoom and task bar settings.

* Optionally, the filename can be shown in between pictures. It can also be shown in small print above the picture. ("top line" checkbox)

* You can see the filename for the last picture shown by hovering the mouse over the WakeUp icon in the system tray.

* You can open the last displayed picture (and/or the second last displayed picture) with the default tool from the WakeUp window.

* Press Ctrl key to skip to the next picture while the slide show is running. If you want to see the filename longer, then hold down Ctrl and it (and the desktop) will be shown until you release. You can also use this if you want to check your desktop and then continue with the slideshow.

* You can use WakeUp as just a slideshow if you like; Press the "test" button.

* Optional Clock display in the upper right corner.

* With the "CPU below %" option, you can prevent the screen saver from starting if the cpu load is higher than a specified value. This is used to prevent the screen saver from starting while you for example are watching youtube videos. The cpu load is measured in 30 second intervals. To see the cpu load for the last 30 seconds, hold the mouse over the percentage value:

To get this value right, have WakeUp running, watch a youtube video for over 30 seconds, then focus WakeUp and hold the mouse over the percentage value. Adjust the value accordingly but set it a couple of percent lower to be on the safe side.

* Optionally you can halt the slideshow after a specified time. Normally you should set this to the same time as for when the display is turned off in your power settings. Because there is no point in loading new pictures when the screen isn't on, is there? ;-) Or why not set the halt time to a couple of minutes before the screen is turned off - This way you will get an indication off that the screen is about to get turned off soon. You can use the halt time for one more thing; If you want to display one picture only, then set the halt time to shorter than the "between pictures" time. You can still switch pictures with the Ctrl key. (Note that the halt checkbox has to be checked for the slideshow to halt at all. Also note that the time count is resetted if you press Crtl to load a new picture.)

* Possible to skip pictures smaller than a specified height in pixels.

* Lightweight

* Freeware

The Zoom

100% means that the picture will fill all of the screen vertically. If you have a wide screen display and want to fill the whole screen both vertically and horizontally, you will have to zoom in a bit, for example 120%.


wakeup.zip V1.3.1 (~50 kB)

(NET 2.0 is required. Included by default in Windows 7 and Vista.)


Turn off Windows' screen saver or you will end up with two screen savers.

Unzip wakeup.zip and put the wakeup folder where you want it.

Launch WakeUp.exe and change the settings to your liking. If you want the program to load at system startup (and you probably want that), then check the "Launch at system startup" checkbox.

Note: Closing the window will terminate the program, so click on "Hide and Start" instead.


Amiga WakeUp

Amiga WakeUp II - Multi file module based screen blanker from which my "Selector" originated.

Windows WakeUp V1.0. - Has not much to do with the old amiga versions, except for the name and programmer. ;-)

V1.1. - Added the option to skip pictures smaller than a specified height in pixels.

V1.2. - Made it possible to set the "between pictures" time as low as 500 ms (previously 10 s). Added the options to turn off the fading and the showing of filenames in between pictures. Added a picture transparency control. Now also showing the last filename when showing filenames in between pictures.

V1.2.1 - Bugfix for the halt time. Also made it possible to set the "between pictures" time as low as 100 ms. Works with a fast computer and small pictures. But please note that the halt time is calculated from the number of pictures shown, so if you set WakeUp to display a picture every 100 ms and your computer isn't fast enough to do it, then the halt time will be longer than expected.

V1.2.2 - Adjusted window start position.

V1.3 - Added the "CPU below" option to prevent the screen saver from starting when for example watching videos.

V1.3.1 - Small bugfix.

Top three things I don't like about Vista's built in slideshow blanker

It's way too fast on changing pictures. With the slowest setting, it changes picture every 7 seconds. That is really mostly a distraction when for example watching TV.

It uses a 1280x768 resolution on my 1680x1050 display = monitor rescaling = blurry pictures.

Slow on waking up when moving the mouse.

Copyright(C) 2011 by Anders Persson
Boray Software