Something is Ready

This is a small program that notifies you when a CPU intensive task has ended.
That's it.

It's useful for example when you want to render something big while doing other things or when you convert sound, pictures or movie files in the background.

I designed it in first hand to notify me when a rendering has completed in Reaper (music program), so that I can surf the web while doing it. With it's straight forward user interface, it can of course be used to detect when any cpu intensive task ends.

Download V1.1.1 (~100 kB)

(NET 2.0 is required. It's included by default in Windows 7, Vista and in all updated versions of XP.)

"Something is Ready" is a so called portable application which means that you just unzip it where you want it and then it's ready to run. Settings will be saved to the same folder.

This program is free, but please consider to buy some of my music.

Something is Ready antivirus scan report at editor team:
"Something is Ready - a neat little tool that will notify you (visual and audio) once a heavy CPU loading process has ended. Portable and free of charge."

News in V1.1

(2011-12-04) Basically everything in the gray section of the window (except for the "Hide" button) is new:

You now have 4 user presets: There are two buttons for each preset. Press "set" to copy the percent value currently in use to the preset and click on the other button later to use that preset.

The "Calculate value" section will try to calculate a suitable percentage value for either a task you are about to start or for a task you already started. The latter one also overrides the waiting time - in other words, it starts to wait for a drop in cpu usage right away. For the best result, wait until the current cpu load value has been updated twice before pressing one of the buttons.

The calculating functions will probably mostly be used for temporary one-time tasks. That's why I added the "After next notif." section which contains temporary checkboxes that only affects what happens after the very next notification. So after the next notification, they will both be cleared again.

Let's say you want to wait for the running special task to finish but then go back to your normal setting. Then first press "set" for the first preset to save your current setting. Then press "After you have started a task" and then also check "Use preset 1" in the "After next notif." section.

The measuring time period was also adjusted in V1.1, from 4 to 6 seconds.

The calculations

...are pretty simple, but they seem to do their job. Here is the code for the "Before you start a task to wait for" button:

value = cpuload + (10 / System.Environment.ProcessorCount)
If value > 98 Then value = 98

And for the "After you have started a task" button:

value = cpuload - (25 / System.Environment.ProcessorCount)
If value < 5 Then value = cpuload / 2

Recommended by Tekzilla

This is the third of my programs recommended by Tekzilla Daily! :-) The others are Boray POWer and Average CPU Cycles.

Copyright(C) 2011 by Anders Persson
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