Linux and Mac

You can run PRG Starter on Linux (and probably on Mac) using the .NET substitute Mono. If you are using Ubuntu, you can get the latest Mono builds here. When you have mono-core, mono-winforms and mono-basic installed, you also need to associate the file types. In Gnome/Nautilus, right click a .prg/.p00/.d64/.d81/.d71/.t64 file, select properties, click the "Open With" tab, click "Add", "Use custom command" and then type something like:
mono PRG_Starter.exe

PRG Starter on Ubuntu

When I recently tried the latest version of PRG Starter on Ubuntu with Mono 2.6.7, it didn't work. So I started going through my archives to find the latest working version, and here it is:


It's a pre-version of V2.2, built on 2 June 2010. V2.2 was released 5 five days later so I don't know how much of the V2.2 features that's in there. I tried a couple of .tap files and they worked (even though the "real" tap support came in V2.3). This version seems to support prg, p00, p01..., crt, d64, d41, d71, d81, t64, tap, seq, s00, s01..

There is also an older native Linux version by Robert Hurst called "run": (28kb). This version is comparable to PRG Starter V1.1 but without any GUI. Here is info about it. And here is a more recent version with some sort of GUI integration.