Using the VICE emulator? Ever got lost in the jungle of PRG files?
Well, here is a little helper for you!

Do you recognize this: "Wait, was this PRG file for the C64 or Vic-20? Or was it for the unexpanded Vic-20 or for one with 8K or was it a cartridge file"?

Imagine just double clicking a PRG or D64 file, and it will be loaded into the correct emulator and with the correct settings. This is exactly what PRG Starter does! It makes VICE so easy to use that even you mother could do it! ;-)

Supported file types: prg, p00, p01, p02, p03, d64, d41, d71, d81, t64, tap, crt, seq, s00, s01, s02, s03...


V2.4.6 - 21/12 2014

My old site is closing and so is the update service needed for PRG Starter. This version fixes all of the broken links.

V2.4.5 - 24/7 2011

Now only requires .NET 2.0 instead of .NET 3.5.

10/6 2011

Added an alternative version to download for Linux/Mono.

V2.4.4 - 2/5 2011

Added support for displaying Vic-20 MFLI pictures.

V2.4.3 - 25/10 2010

The -startfirst option now also hides the PRG Starter window by opening it minimized.

V2.4.2 - 29/9 2010

Adjusted parameters for c64/Plus4 autostart recognition.

V2.4.1 - 28/9 2010

Added a command line option by request called "-startfirst". When used, the file list window for disk images will be suppressed and the first file in the list will be started right away.

PRG_Starter -startfirst diskimage.d64