PRG_Starter.exe V2.4.6 (139kb)


Place the program where you want it, start it and then press the "Setup" button.

During the setup, an "User Account Control" window will appear. On Vista/7, just press "Allow". On Windows XP, do this.

(NET 2.0 is required.)

Upgrading an old installation

Replace the old PRG_Starter.exe with the new one. Start it and then press the "Setup" button to associate the new file types.

Trying PRG Starter without leaving any traces on your machine

Start PRG Starter and press the Setup button. Skip the file association dialog but set the VICE path. When ready, close PRG Starter. Now instead of double clicking the supported files, just drag and drop files on the PRG Starter program icon to try it. If you like PRG Starter, then run the setup again to associate the file types. If you want to remove everything from your hard drive instead, then delete PRG_Starter.exe and the files named "PRGStarter*" in your documents folder.