Tired of filling in text fields with the same information all the time?

Here is a little program doing the job for you. You can use it for just about anything: Filling in information in mp3 files, inserting code snippets when writing html or when programming or to fill in your address and phone numbers when ordering stuff on the web.


Here is a little demonstration of using "Insert This" with "auto" and "reopen" checked. Filling in text fields with just one click.


Insert_This.exe (V2.2)

The program doesn't need any installation. Just save it somewhere, for example on your desktop. (NET 2.0 is required.)

The program makes no changes at all to your system. It saves its data and settings to the file "BorayInsertThis" in your documents folder. That's all.


The program is fully functional shareware. Pay if you use it (more than for testing). Open the payment page


Use the built in editor as a sketchpad. Put the text you often use there. The text is saved when you close the program.

Pressing "Hide" minimizes the window to the system tray icon (V2). An alternative to hiding the window is to just minimize it.

To insert something from the sketchpad: Open the "Insert this" window. Then focus the input field you want to insert to. Then go back to the Insert This window to mark the text you want to use. (Click in left of a line to mark the whole line). Then click "Insert Selected". The selected text will be inserted in the input field you focused before.

With "Reopen" checked, the window will be opened again after you inserted something from the sketchpad. Else, it will be hidden and you have to open it again from the system tray icon.

If the "Auto" checkbox is checked, the selected text will be inserted as soon as you make a selection with the mouse and release the mouse button. You can mark a whole line and insert it in one click by clicking in left of the line. You can insert a single word by double clicking it.

Delay: Number of milliseconds the program waits between closing the window and inserting the text. (Between 100 and 3000).

To terminate the program, simply close the window instead of pressing "Hide".
If "clipbd" is checked, then the program will use the clipboard to paste the text. This works better for some applications, worse for others. With "clipbd" unchecked, the program will type in the text as if you were typing it and leave the clipboard untouched.

The "wrap" checkbox changes the behaviour of Insert This's editor. With it checked, all lines are wrapped around in the editor. Can be useful if you want to use Insert This as a note pad.

To search with the search box, simply type in something and press enter. To jump to the next occurrence, just press enter again.

You can start the program hidden by starting it from the command line with the word "hide" as an argument. This is done when using the "autostart" option checkbox.


V2.2 - 2012-04-21 - The delay is now also used before reopening the window. This works better with Internet Explorer.

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