Oh, no more SuperMasken '98

Steering problem?

Then you are doing it the wrong way. You are probably trying to steer all the time, that's not the way. You should wait until you want to turn the worm, and then make a short movement with the joystick in the direction you want to go. Then quick back to the center of the joystick again (release it). The best stick to use is probably the TAC-2 or something similar.

High Score

My own record (without cheating) is 78250 points (on the "Boray" tracks, 18 March 2001). If you have broken this record, please let me know!

How to stay alive longer

Always approach the blue surprise-dots so that you don't have to make a turn just after taking the the dot! This because the surprise might give you "inverse moves" (the worm turns white and it moves the opposite way until you take the next dot or die). So if you have to make a turn just after, you will probably move into the wall and lose a life. If the blue dot is placed near a corner or something, it's better to wait for it to time out so that it moves somewhere else. But if you have any shots, you can shoot it instead.


These cheat codes were released in the summer of 2001. On the main menu (where the scroll is) you can type in these numbers on the keyboard to get:

  • 100 Shoots - 7724877
  • 15 lives / sound off - 1129981
  • Selection start - 5276128
  • Esc jumps to next level - 3469320

    But now, let's tell the story of the game...

    Oh, no more SuperMasken '98

    You have probably seen this kind of game before: A worm crawling around on the screen. And the more it eats, the longer it gets. I don't know when these games first appeared, but my brother made one on the VIC20 in 1983 (Hej Svante!). But now, lets tell the story of "Supermasken":

    The story begins in 1992: I'm in school (Polhemsgymnasiet, Gothenburg). In the breaks, we went to a classroom full of 486:es. And on these we played Microsoft basic "Nibbles"... And I thougth for myself: "Hey, I can do this game, but better". So I went home and begun programming on my Amiga 500. After a while, and with some ideas from Fredrik Sörensson (Frodo) and Mats Lindblom (Gizmo), "Supermasken" was born. "Supermasken" means "The Super Worm" in swedish. And it was a hit among my friends! So we ended up playing supermasken in the breaks instead! (Yes, we had two of the pupils Amiga 500's in the computer room! (for playing Lotus 2 (or was it 3) with 4 players!!) (Great school, don't you think? :-)

    And then came 1993, and I bought myself a brand new Amiga 1200 with a harddrive of 80 megabytes! And I begun to develop a new version of the game, that finaly resulted in "Oh, no more SuperMasken" (or SuperMasken II). The news were: New and better graphics, new music, more monsters, built-in track editor, more levels, hard drive installable and more...
    Then something sad happened: My hard drive broke! And I had no backup of the source for "Oh, no more SuperMasken". So, there could never be a new version of the game! Really SAD!

    But HEY!, Isn't THIS a new version of the game?????
    Yes, it is! But HOW?
    Well, it begun with that the first person who registred my program "BorayLetter" (hi Roy!) decided to send me more money, as he thougth he had payed to little last time. Well, I thougth he deserved a little bonus and decided to send him the now 5 year old game "Oh, no more SuperMasken"...
    But then, I remembered that it didn't work as it should any longer... The music sounded strange, as processor speeds goes up, and DMA wait remains the same, and the workbench palette was changed when the game ended due to a bug in old hisoft basic...
    So, as the game was made in modules (separate files for music, graphics etc.), it was really easy to excange the music into some DigiBooster mods I made last year. And I loaded the executable file into a TEXT EDITOR and changed the names of the music mods. And then I sent him the game...
    And then... I played the game some, and thougt: "Hey! This game is quite funny!". Why don't I fresh it up a bit, and make a new release of it?
    And..... so I did!

    This is new:

    This is still bad: The game is not multitasking friendly. It IS possible to jump to another screen, but your topaz font will look very strange, and the game will be started every time you press the left mouse button. So I advise you to, play the game, and then QUIT... You can always restart the game later.


    (Probably) AmigaDos 2.0+, a hard drive and a 68020 processor.

    Well, HAVE FUN!!!! And don't forget to take a look at my other programs, "Selector" and "BorayLetter". And my mods can be found on Aminet: mods/boray

    GREETINGS TO: Arkie/Steve, Frodo, Gizmo, Henrikarna, Sunbane, Midaz, Roy! and all others!


  • masken98.lha (841K)
  • masken98_lite.lha (449K)
    The only difference between the versions is that the full version has more music to choose from:

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