Boray Vic-20 Software
NOTE: This program is now DIRPLUS, a multi platform tool for Vic-20, C64, Plus/4 and C16. This page below is here for reference / historical reasons.

Vic20 Disk Menu

A disk menu program for Vic-20. It lists the files of the disk and makes it easy to load and run them. Just go up and down with the cursor keys and then press return. With an IEC decive such as the SD2IEC you can browse the file structure, enter disk images and load things really fast with the included SJLOAD turbo (if you have ram expansion). It also contains a couple of disk operations such as rename, delete and format.

Download: (Latest version with support for IEC and SJLOAD).
Download: extras for V28. (Readme included)
Download: (Zipped PRG file and documentation)
Download: (Same as V23, but starts display on first page of files)

Vic Disk Menu was developed by Leif Bloomquist (V1) and Anders Persson (V2 to present). (Ideas by Anders Persson, Leif Bloomquist and Christopher Prest). Earlier versions are included in Leif Bloomquist's blue disk utility cartridge, Brian Lyons Mega Cart and nbla000's EasyLoad. (SJLOAD included is V07 and was developed by Edward Carroll, 1570, Diddl and nbla000.)

Vic Disk Menu is now available for Vic-20, Commodore 64 and Plus/4/C16 as "SD2IEC DIR PLUS" with added functionality.

Disk Menu V28 deluxe

Requirements: Vic-20 with diskdrive or other serial storage device.
Preferred: Vic-20 with expansion ram, a reset button and SD2IEC.

Installation and usage:
Extract the zip archive to your IEC root dir.
Start with LOAD"//:S",8
If you want to use the menu on a normal 1541 drive, then just use the file SJ/M or SJ/MD (deluxe version for expanded vic).

Whats with LOAD"//:S",8? Why not just LOAD"S",8? Well if you are in the root dir, both works just fine, but loading "//:S" works from any sub dir and will show that directory directly.

News in V28: Note: From the turbo/memory screen you can press "U" to "unexpand now". You normally don't have to do this unless you try to load an unexpanded program which contains the wrong starting address.

Tip worth mentioning again: If you want to switch text case while the directory is being loaded, then hold down shift and then press the commodore key, because if you press the commodore key alone, the dir loading is stopped.

Disk Menu V27

A bug-fix in V27: Cartridge images of a certain name length was loaded as a normal non-cart program because of unexpected screen line behaviour. This bug must have been in there for a very long time.

Disk Menu V26

This version combines the two previous versions (24IEC and 25SJLOAD) and adds some enhancements:
  • The menu now starts up at the first page rather than the last one. I felt this was more natural.
  • You can now walk with the cursor from one page to the other up and down without having to press space. I timed V26 with SJLOAD against cbm file browser with SJLOAD they are equally fast at reading directories even though vic menu displays the files while reading.

    However, if you prefer cbm file browser, then you are welcome to use my SJLOAD-loading starter with it. All you have to do is to load "S", change line 12 to load the file browser instead of "M". Then save it as for example "SFB".

    Disk Menu V25SJLOAD

    What is SJLOAD? It makes your Vic-20 Jiffy Dos compatible = Really fast SD2IEC access. This is only useful if you have a memory expansion (or you wouldn't be able to load it at all). It's mostly useful for loading big programs, but the loading of directories is also speeding up.

    Unpack the zip archive so that you have the file S and the dir SJ directly in your root directory.
    Load the menu from any sub directory with LOAD"//:S",8
    If the loader (S) finds SJLOAD in memory, then it just starts it and continues to load the menu.
    Or else, it will ask you where to put SJLOAD; In block 0, 3 or 5, then it loads it and then continues to load the menu.

    SJLOAD included is V07 and was developed by Edward Carroll, 1570, Diddl and nbla000.

    Disk Menu V24IEC

    Changes compared to V23 (below): Benefits compared to cbm file browser:

    Disk Menu V23

    Features: Note that the number of free blocks not is displayed in the menu if you don't load the whole directory. Also note that you can use the Control key to slow down the directory reading if you like.

    64HDD support

    Note that delete and rename only works on Commodore files through 64HDD.

    What is 64HDD anyway? 64HDD homepage


    Using VIC-MENU is a good way of overcoming a VICE emulator problem. Normally when you autostart programs on VICE, they are always loaded ,8,1. That is not very smart as for example basic programs saved in unexpanded mode will end up in the wrong place if you are in expanded mode. You can use VIC-MENU to autostart programs instead and they will end up where they should be. To prepare for this, you have to save one version of VIC-MENU in expanded mode and one in unexpanded mode, so that these will be autostarted correctly.

    B22 - Batch Delete version

    This is a special version built on V20. Extra features:


    This is a special version included and adapted for the HtmlWalker package.


    In versions V10 and above, the directory is loaded using machine language routines which makes it load really fast. This is why the functions to save and load a file list for "faster access" was removed from earlier versions.

    Below is an (old) list for speed comparance. The test was to read a directory of 128 files. (With the searching for "$" included). All PAL machines.

    E-MENU on VICE directory             5 seconds
    LOAD"$",8 on 1540:                  10 seconds
    LOAD"$",8 on 1541:                  12 seconds
    S-MENU with 1541                    13 seconds (V10 to V12)
    Dir command on C128 with 1571:      13 seconds
    X-MENU with 1541                    15 seconds
    Dir command on TheFinalCart3/C64:   16 seconds
    Vic Menu V9:                        77 seconds
    Vic Menu V1:                        94 seconds


    Vic-Menu 24IEC, 25SJLOAD, V26, V27 and V28 deluxe

    (Aug-Sep 2012) I bought myself a SD2IEC unit and as you might have expected, I wanted my old vic menu program to navigate it.

    PRG Starter

    (May 2010) A special version built on the "batch delete" version was included as a disk image tool in PRG Starter.


    (Aug 2007) Vic-Menu V23 is now included in nbla000's new EasyLoad version.

    Vic-Menu 23

  • Based on V20, but always starts on the last page of files just like B22 does. This so that you will be taken directly to the files you are working on.
  • 17 bytes smaller than V20.
  • Will be included in nbla000's next version of EasyLoad.

    Mega Cart

    (Aug 2007) Vic-menu will be included on Brian Lyons Mega Cart! Probably both V20 (in the Disk Util cart image) and V23 (in EasyLoad).

    B-Menu 22

    (Jan 2006) Special Batch Delete version. (Look above.)

    H-Menu 20 (and 21)

    (Dec 2005) Special version for use with HtmlWalker. (Included in the HtmlWalker package.) If you press return on a filename that ends with .html .htm or .wn then HtmlWalker is loaded with the selected filename and device number automatically inputed. Htmlwalker is loaded from the same disk drive unit that you loaded the menu from even if you changed unit with the menu. If you have expansion ram, then H-WALKER-20 is loaded, else H-WALKER is loaded.

    Leif's blue cartridge

  • (Oct 2005) Leif Bloomquist's disk utility cartridge is now released!

    News in V20

  • In 64HDD with LFN turned on, filenames longer than 16 characters on the PC disk got truncated by 64HDD into 16 characters. Because of this, these files were not found when trying to load them. I solved the problem by setting character number 16 to a wildcard star.
  • The program is 1 byte bigger.

    News in V19

  • The extra delay after disk commands was removed, because it wasn't a fix of a 64HDD problem, it was a fix of my faulty setup.
  • The program is 11 bytes smaller.

    News in V18

  • X-Menu and E-Menu was merged into one program.
  • 64HDD support added.
  • The print function was removed to free up memory for new functions.
  • You can now change device number when refreshing the directory.
  • All features of E-Menu was kept, such as support for long filenames and over 144 files while the speed and all functions of X-Menu also was maintained except for "Print".
  • Just 50 bytes bigger than X-Menu V16.


    - was just a beta release for V18...

    News in V16

  • X-Menu: Bugfix in the print function. The program is 4 bytes bigger.
  • E-Menu: No change.

    News in V15

  • Any diskdrive device number can now be used, as the system variable "current device" now is used instead of device 8. If you want to start the program on another device, let's say device 9, then you can start the program like this: OPEN1,9:RUN
    If you want to change device while the program is running, then you can just press break and start it again like above.
  • Both programs uses 17 bytes more at runtime (and increased 10 bytes in size).

    News in V14

  • The programs are smaller and quicker to start because the machine language part no longer is transfered to the tape buffer first. It was made independent of the running position instead.
  • X-Menu is 27 bytes smaller (1379 bytes).
  • E-Menu is 28 bytes smaller (987 bytes).

    News in V13

  • X-Menu can now handle all 144 filenames on the unexpanded vic! X-Menu is also 22 bytes smaller.
  • E-Menu can now handle more filenames, any lenght of filenames and filesizes of several megabytes.
  • Menu and S-Menu were excluded from the package.

    News in V12

  • The function keys (F1 and F5) were changed into "H" for Help and "<-" for Dir refresh so that it will work with Programmer's Aid, Super Expander or any other add-on that changes the function keys.
  • There is no longer a delay when you refresh the directory in E-Menu.
  • Bugfix in E-Menu. It didn't load the directory properly sometimes with little memory available.
  • Menu and X-Menu are smaller by a few bytes. S-Menu is the same size and E-Menu is a little bigger, but should not require more memory while running than the old version.
    Older versions of the vic-menu and history here...