PRG Info

What is it?
PRG Info is a program that analyzes a Commodore 8 bit file, says what it is and how to use it. Very useful if you for example have a vic-20 file that you don't know how to run or what memory configuration it requires. The PC version also has the ability to change the loading address of a file.

  • For Windows: (2007)
  • For Amiga: vic-emu-tools.lha (Readme) (2004)
  • For Perl: (2007)
  • For Commodore 8-bit: (2007)

    Idea, original Amiga program and CBM 8-bit version: Anders Persson.
    Windows program and future development: Björg Stojalowski.
    Perl port: Ian Colquhoun

    Screen shoot:

    PRG Starter
    The next step in the development of this idea was PRG Starter. Instead of just telling you how to start a program, it does it for you and loads it up with the correct settings in VICE! Go there!

    A little about Vic-20 ram expansion:

    There are five places in the vic-20 memory map that are for ram or rom expansion:
  • Block 0: (3K) $0400-$0FFF (1024-4095)
  • Block 1: (8K) $2000-$3FFF (8192-16383)
  • Block 2: (8K) $4000-$5FFF (16384-24575)
  • Block 3: (8K) $6000-$7FFF (24576-32767)
  • Block 5: (8K) $A000-$BFFF (40960-49151)

    A vic-20 with expansion memory and one without it are not compatible with eachother. With a 3K ram expansion (block 0), the basic memory is moved. With an 8K expansion (block 1) (or more), both the basic memory and the screen memory is moved. This means you have to use exactly the right memory configuration to run a specific program. This is where PRG Info comes in handy. You can also run cartridge images in ram. The most common place for them is block 5 but they can also reside in other blocks. PRG Info will tell you where!