Anders' computer museum - on the web since May 2001.

In May 2001 I got some computer stuff from a relative. It was an Amiga 500+, an old Mac, a Philips monitor and a printer. What I did then was to write a record document on the Amiga 500+ over all computers I owned. You can see this document here in this section. Just a couple of days after that document was printed, I started to scan pictures for a web version and "Anders datormuseum" or "Anders' computer museum" was born. Here you can also browse two early web versions.

November 2013: The computer museum was a bit neglected with missing images etc. When moving to my new domain ( I planned to close the museum and only still have some pages of it on my 8-bit software page but then I realized how long I've had it online and thought it was a bit sad to close it. So instead, I made this page, with a museum museum and all.