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Fun for Vic20

Boray Gammon
The best Vic-20 backgammon there is (16K required)

Lyriktornet 2
Random poem parody in Swedish (8K required)

Always the same,
never the same

New digital music album

SD2IEC music player V2
More digitized music

SD2IEC music player V1
Inital version (sounds worse than V2)

(8k required)

Mega Omega

How Many
A little observational game

How Many 8K
Expanded version

How Many 700
A game for 7.77MHz Vic-20s

Nice game for the unexpanded vic-20.

Video Poker
Poker game for the unexpanded vic.

Svante's programs
Snuz Maze, Masken Max and Noel's Galliard.

Reaction 1K
Reactivity measurement game.

Anders Vic20-spel
(8k required) Collection of my Swedish games.

A game to practise your keyboard typing skills.

Winter Simulator
A little demo for vic20 and C64.

(8k required) Play music with the paddles.

Sound samples
(16k required)

PAL only. Makes a wave go over the screen.

A little and quite ugly raster effect.

(8k required) My first attempt to use a bigger screen in basic.

Misc basic programs
(8k required) Some of my very first basic programs.
Tiny basic demo for the 358 bytes challenge.

Tools for Vic20

Joystick testing and benchmarking.

FAT Swedish
Swedish PETASCII Font for expanded Vic-20.

Vic20 disk menu
Explorer/starter with turbo for SD2IEC or disc.

VIC Extra Screen
A screen tool for expanded VIC20.

The Guitar Tuner
Helpful utility for tuning your guitar.

Write Now instructions + wn<->ascii converters
WriteNow instructions and utilities to convert WriteNow text files<->ascii.

Try out different screen sizes and positions.

PMR Radio tester
Test how far your walkie-talkies reach.

Just shows a test picture.

Boray's disk program
Delete, rename, format, validate etc...

Swe Tape Patch
If you have a Swedish ÅÄÖ-keyboard: Det finns en bug som framträder när du stänger en fil som är öppen för skrivning på bandspelaren. Denna patch fixar detta. Från Handic AB, men med adderade instruktioner och låsning av restore-knappen som annars tar bort patchen.

Programs for Vic20, C64, C128, Plus/4, C16 (and more probably).

TV input lag
Visually shows the input lag of your TV.

HTML Walker
Word processing tools / Web file viewer

Text Walker
Simple word processing.

Convert mixed case text files to ascii.

Export program listings to ascii.

A benchmark program to test the speed of your Commodore 8 bit computer against others.

Turn any memory contents into basic code automatically.

Age statistics
Small statistics program.

Small Basic routine to detect which computer your program is running on.

Simple Business Cards
Simple printing program.

Silly randomly generated messages.

CBM version for the 358 bytes challenge.

Software for Commodore 64

Boray Gammon
Probably the best backgammon for C64

Joystick testing and benchmarking.

Boray 64
Separate page

Programs for Plus/4 or C16

Super Messenger
Party background program

New Plus/4 file browser

Boray Bingo
A Bingo Announcer program

Boray Gammon
Probably the best backgammon for Plus/4

Boray Pics
25 nice pictures for your PAL Plus/4 in three .d64s

A little basic demo

Shows all color combinations

A toy simulator

Tiny demo

Programs for C128

A basic demo for the 80 column display

Svenska Tecken
Swedish characters for non-Swedish C128s


My Computer Museum

Play Boray's Vic-20 games online!

The Games of Denial Online

Lyriktornet (In Swedish)

My Amiga Software

My Music

My Windows Software

PRG Starter


Vic20 denial forum
Very nice Vic20 forum.

Datorernas folkvagn Commodore forum in Swedish.

VIC20 programs on Zimmers

Ray Carlsen
How to repair a VIC20 etc.

VIC20 Gamer

VICE Emulator

Datasalen - Tommy Åkerlund's computer museum

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