Mega Omega 8K - PAL version
Mega Omega 8K - NTSC version

Unexpanded versions:
Omegan Trial
Omegan Trial 20 lines
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Mega Omega

The Omegan system is famous for its way of training its warriors using android controlled fighters (code named "Omega Race"). However - first the cadets have to go through the "Omegan Trial".

The "Omegan Trial" is a test with non-moving targets. You pilote the never resting "Omegan Spider", the most feared droid controlled craft used in Omega Race. Because of its extensive shielding, it's safe for beginners. Your mission is to hit the omega sign, but there are also other obstacles you must avoid. If you hit one of these obstacles, you will loose 10% of the shield (of the total shield). So try to hit ONLY the target. For every new level, there will be more obstacles. The "Omegan Spider" is a craft that's hard to control. You can only control it when it's bouncing back and forth closest to the ground. So aim (while moving) and press "engage" (any key) and the craft is thrown away to bounce on the walls and to then return to ground level.