How Many 8K
A game for the 8K expanded Vic-20
(September 2013)

A number of moving hearts are shown for about four seconds. After that, it's your task to say how many there were. If you are over 75% correct in your estimation, you will be rewarded accordingly:

76-79%: 70 points.
80-89%: 80 points.
90-99%: 90 points.
100%: 100 points.

The game continues as long as you have any "energy" left. If you for example get 84% correct in one round, you will keep 84% of your energy.


News in this version:

(September 2013) This is basically the 7.77 MHz version of the game adapted to run on the real 1 MHz hardware. (Compiled with Austro compiler, optimized for compilation, adjusted delays etc.) The previous (7.77MHz) version was made in February 2009.