A number of moving hearts are shown for about four seconds. After that, it's your task to say how many there were. If you are over 75% correct in your estimation, you will be rewarded accordingly:

76-79%: 70 points.
80-89%: 80 points.
90-99%: 90 points.
100%: 100 points.

The game continues as long as you have any "energy" left. If you for example get 84% correct in one round, you will keep 84% of your energy.

Download: howmany708.zip

News in this 8K version:

  • Top ten highscores saved to disk.
  • Singe player or Team play with unlimited number of players.
  • New players can be added and removed during the game.

  • How Many 700 8K
    A game for the 8K expanded Vic-20 running at 7x speed

    The first game ever for a 7.77MHz Vic-20? Well, probably... It's written for Vic-20 emulation running att 700% speed. In VICE, do the following to adjust the speed setting:

    A 7.77MHz Vic-20? What???

    Well, why not??? Most people are most likely to play this game on an emulator anyway. My thoughts on this is that this would have been absolutely a dream machine when I programmed basic on my vic-20 in the 80s, so why not fulfill that dream now when it's possible?

    If you think about doing this yourself, here are a few tips: Slow down the timer with POKE37158,255:POKE37159,255. After that your emulated vic will appear as normal with a speed setting of around 355% speed. Cursor movement, the TI and TI$ variables will work normally, but the basic will be 3.55 times faster. I wanted to go even faster than that and choosed 700% so that I easily could just double all TI values. Listing the basic program went a little too fast, so I attached Programmer's Aid to be able to scroll the program listing up and down with Ctrl-Q and Ctrl-A. That worked well at 700% speed with those POKES. If you want to go even further, to something like 2000-3000%, I would suggest to POKE650,64 to disable all key repetition. One problem though would be the sounds. The frequency of the sound will also be higher the faster the emulation.