Boray Vic20 Software

Boray's Disk program

For expanded Vic20. Download: (Zipped PRG file)

Requires expansion ram.

A disk program originally written for the C64 in 1988. Converted to the vic20 in 2004. But I made a few changes from the original:

* More colors in the "rainbow" border effect. (The
C64 is slower).

* The border effect is not displayed on the NTSC vic
(to save you from epilepsy )

* The directory reading is faster (mainly by moving
it from the end to the start of the program.)

* You can go both forward and backward when going
through the files. Before you could only go forward.

* Of course changes to make everything fit on the
smaller screen.

* Made it all-English... (Instead of words like

The program works like this:

When pressing "1", the directory is read. Then the files are displayed (in a quite simple way). You press "down" for the next file and "up" for the previous. This works like a batch program. If you want to delete a file, press "S" and the file is marked "scratch". If you press "S" again for the same file, then the mark is removed. Press "R" to rename a file, type in a new name and another mark (for example =new name) is displayed with the file. You can also press "P" to print the list. When ready, you press "B" for "begin" and the program starts to make all the changes to the disk while you can take a cup of coffe. If you don't want to do anything (cancel all your marks), then press "Q" to return to the main menu. All these keys are displayed as a help when the directory has been loaded (and also when you press F1).

The other choices on the main menu are:

2 - Format a disk that has been formatted before.
(much faster than 3).

3 - Format new disk.

4 - Validate. (Reorganizes the disk and may free
some more space.)

5 - Write. Just saves an empty file with the
name you type in. If you want to write a
message in the directory list.

NOTE: I take no responsibility for any lost files!!! But I regard it as reliable for my own usage.

Good luck!