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Commodore Amiga

------------------------------------------------------------------ Amiga 1200 ------------------------------------------------------------------ Processor: 68030, 50 Mhz 68030 (Blizzard 1230 mmu) (Original 68EC020 14 MHz is not used) Memory: 34 meg ram (2 chip and 32 fast) Storage: 850 meg 3.5" IDE harddisk, 880kb DD 3.5" internal diskdrive. Graphic: AGA Highest graphical resolution: Different depending on the monitor you have, for example 1448x566 or 1024x768 Number of colors: 16,8 miljoner Sound: Paula - 4 channels 8 bit sound (2 stereo) or 1 channel stereo 14 bit sound (with software), Aura 12 bit sampler/soundcard, ProMidi Midi-interface OS: AmigaOS 3.1 Software: The Harddisken full, a bunch of CD-ROMs (mostly Aminet-CDs) and about 700 diskettes. Misc: Covered with Kronblom comics, Amiga M1438s multisync monitor, Wizard 3-button mouse, Tac-2 joystick. Used: Sometimes - mostly for music (midi). My main computer 1993-1999. Note: The joysticken was bought for the C64. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Amiga 500plus ------------------------------------------------------------------ Processor: 68000, 7 MHz Memory: 1 meg chip ram Storage Two 880kb DD 3.5" diskdrives (one internal and one external). Graphic: ECS Highest graphical resolution: 1448x566 (1280x512) Number of colors: 4096 Sound: Paula - 4 channals 8 bit sound (2 stereo) OS: AmigaDos 2.0 Software: Most of the diskettes for the 1200. Misc: Philips CM8833-II RGB-monitor, Fujitsu Breeze 100 inkjet printer (with sheetfeeder), Tac-2 joystick. Used: Sometimes (In another city). Feels good to use a completely silent computer for a change. Note: The joystick was bought for the C64. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Amiga books ------------------------------------------------------------------ Amiga System Programmers Guide (Dittrich, Gelfand och Schemmel), Amiga Machine Language (Dittrich), More Tricks & Tips for the Amiga (Bleek, Maelger och Weltner), Programmera 68000 (Steve Williams) plus the user manuals for the computers, Hisoft Basic 2 pro, Hisoft Power Basic, ProWrite och QuickWrite.
Also look at things I have sold for my old Amiga 500!

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