Boray's Plus/4 FLI pictures

  • 25 nice pictures for your PAL Plus/4 in three .d64s!
  • Included menu. Just press shift+run/stop to autostart the disks.
  • Uses disk turbo if a 1541 is detected.


    Volume #1: Trains and cars

    8 pictures.
    Photos by Anders and Gunnar Persson.

    Volume #2: Petra cover art

    9 pictures.
    Record cover art from the Christian music group "Petra".

    Volume #3: Misc

    8 pictures of various objects.

    Emulator warning

    Does not work on VICE! Works on YAPE but looks best on the real thing.


    Pictures converted July 2005. I used P4PC-FLI-CONVERTER by LARRY/WLS, PUCRUNCH by ALBERT and FASTLOAD CMS disk turbo. The rest is basic. The disk turbo must be using the stack for code or something, because I could not use any FOR loops in the basic menu.
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