Evaluation of the results.

Please note that when running this benchmark program
on WinUAE, that the emulated graphics modes
(PAL/NTSC) does not show the right values on the
graphics. The values will be way to low
because of that the emulated graphics does not
output the graphics to the screen at every frame.
So it feels and looks much slower than what the
values says. A Picasso96 mode feels much
faster but gives higher values compared to the
emulated graphics. The values for the Picasso96
modes are comparable to the graphics on the amiga.
As you can see, some tests like "scrolling textmass"
and "filled boxes" are a lot faster than AGA!
I also tried with a 256-color screen and it was
almost exactly as fast as with 16 colors. The
reason that I still use 16 colors is that "selector"
became a little bit slower on 256 colors.

WSMB is great to test and improve the
performance of your WinUAE emulator. Take a
look at the two result files from WinUAE.
The first gave a total performance value of 170.8047 
But after changing some settings like turning
off the sound and adding an emulated math
coprocessor, I got the value of: 136.2773
And the emulator feels much faster now, so
the program has helped me to improve the
performance with almost 25 percent!

But compared to my real amiga then...

Graphics: No big difference, the amiga is about 15% faster.
(in 16 colors. In 256 colors, WinUAE is faster).

Processing: The amiga is about 3 times faster.

Totally: My amiga is about 56% faster than WinUAE.

Not much.... I never excpected the emulation to be
this fast. Imagine running it on a 450MHz P2!
But then, imagine running a real amiga with 060 66MHz
and a graphics card :-) The real thing is allways
the best!