Workbench Screen Multitasking Benchmark (WSMB) V1.0
By Anders Persson 990402

I wrote this program to compare performance between
my real Amiga and the WinUAE emulator.

Processor: 68040 44.40
Graphics system: Picasso96
Workbench screenmode: Voodoo3:800x600 24bit BGR

Test results:
Memory (string management) 4.429688 
Empty for loop: 1.929688 
Long Int calculations: .734375 
Short Int calculations: 1.03125 
Float calculations: 1.015625 
Text: 2.578125 
Scrolling Textmass: .109375 
Circles: 4.960938 
Lines: 1.25 
Boxes: 2.492188 
Filled Boxes: .5390625 
Scrolling graphics: .1640625 

Total Processor (& memory): 9.140625 
Total Graphics: 12.09375 
Total Performance: 21.23438 

The lower values, the better!
(It's the amount of seconds to perform the tests)