BorayLetter is an Amiga program for cartoons, animated and interactive e-mails, e-mail games and more. It has YAM integration and support for other mailers. But you don't need internet to enjoy it. It's fun anyway!

Letter? Maybe you don't know what a letter program is. Well, it was something that started on the C64. You could use the keyboard to write a message to your friend, and when he looked at it, it was displayed in the same way it was written.... BorayLetter is that, and much more. You can for example draw lines, wait for a key to be pressed before continuing or even make your own little cartoons and play music!!!

When you for example draw a line in your letter, only the coordinates for the line are saved to the file. All graphics work in this way. This results in an extremely efficient file format.


  • AmigaDos2.0+
  • Lha
  • About one megabyte of free memory.

    The following is not required, but very much preferred

  • Hippoplayer (For playing music and sounds) (Download - 688K)
  • YAM 2.0+ (For sending boray-letters via email. You can also use other mailers
  • Narrator.device & translator.library (For speech)
  • Multiview (For displaying all sorts of things. You can also use another multi display program). If you have AmigaDos 3+ then you already have Multiview, else you can download it here (74K).

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