Using music and external files

If you use music, external files or brushes (.blc) in a letter that you intend to send via email, then you must consider the size of the files. If you don't use any external files, then there is no need to worry - .bl is a very efficient graphics format. But the moment you add a mod, the size increases (with the size of the mod packed with lha). And most people don't like to receive big 300K emails without confirmation. But there is a solution! SIDs! This music format is really tiny! It is C64 music and can be played using Hippoplayer! And who wouldn't like to hear some game music from their youth while reading a letter?

Take a look at: Here you can download almost every piece of C64 game music ever written!

Talking about music.... You have probably heard some of mine:

And about graphics brushes (.blc). Here is a little rule for you: The fewer the number of colors, the smaller the file!

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