The BLC program converts a standard IFF brush to a .blc file and a .col file. Load the generated .col file using the color menu in BL make mode, and the .blc using the brush menu. If you start BL from Workbench or from shell with no parameters, a file requester will ask you what file to convert.

If you type in the shell:

  blc picture.iff
Then picture.iff is converted to "picture.blc" and "picture.col"

If you type:

  blc ram:#?.bsh
Then all files ending with ".bsh" in ram: will be converted. PLEASE NOTE that you must have BLC in C: for this to work!

If you have BLC in C:, then you can use it from BL's brush menu: "Load IFF Brush as Copy". This is the easiest way to load IFFs!

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